9.2 Payroll Checklist

Purpose: Use this document as a reference for how to run an end to end payroll process in ctcLink.

Audience: Local HR/Payroll teams - Payroll Administrators in coordination with Absence Management, Time and Labor and Benefits Administrators.

The payroll processing in ctcLink requires performing many tasks that cross business teams (HR, Benefits, Payroll).

Follow this checklist to ensure all tasks are done and done in the correct order.

Checklist Format

The Payroll Processing Checklist has 5 sections:

  1. Initial Setup (steps 1-2)
  2. Process Absence and Time & Labor (steps 3-14)
  3. Process Payroll (steps 15-53)
  4. Confirm Payroll (steps 54-57)
  5. Post-Confirm Tasks (steps 58-67)


For each task, the Payroll Processing Checklist Quick Reference Guide (QRG) includes the following:

  • Section - Initial Setup/ Processing Absence and Time & Labor/ Processing Payroll/ Confirm Payroll/ Post-Confirm Processing
  • Step - This is the Task Number related to the ordered stream of processes/tasks
  • Process  This is the process or task name. When applicable, this also includes the actual process name that will be observed in Process Monitor
  • Description - Provides brief description of the respective process or task
  • Navigation
  • Quick Reference Guide (QRG) or Notes - The last column includes notes or links to a Quick Reference Guide that provides a step-by-step instructions on how to complete the task


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