1098-T Guide

Purpose: Use this checklist as a guideline for 1098T preparations for Student Financials in ctcLink.

Audience: Student Financials staff

1098-T Guide

Task Name Description QRG Suggested Timeline
1098-T TIN Table Setup Verify your 1098-T TIN Table information is correct for the current calendar year. If you have not copied over the TIN for the upcoming calendar, please do so.
  1. 1098-T Institution Address
  2. Address Usage
  3. Name Usage
  4. Contact Name
  5. Contact Phone
  6. Template Definition
  7. 1098-T Citizenship

Prerequisite: Image Update notification from SBCTC to update the Template Definition field. 

October through December
Verify Item Type 1098-T Box 1/Box 5 Configuration Verify Item Types are flagged as 1098-T eligible.
Use queries:

You do not need to verify previously audited Item Types. Only new Item Types need to be audited.

Prerequisite: None

October through December, depending on how often new item types are created
Student Communications Communicate to students to do the following in their self-service:
  1. Grant electronic consent for electronic 1098-T
  2. Update their mailing address, if needed.
  3. Ensure the required staff/department have sent out the missing SSN/TIN letters.
    • The update TIN request process looks at the communications table to see if it has been set to completed.

Prerequisite: None

Once per term or year
Verify FIRE Account Access Review your FIRE account with the IRS.

Prerequisite: None
Test transmittal files may be sent until the end November. Filing Information Returns Electronically

Production transmittal file is due by the end of March.
1098-T Processing
  1. Generate
  2. Update
  3. Audit/Validate
  4. Print:
    1. The college runs the Print process in ctcLink. SBCTC pulls the file and sends it to the Department of Enterprise Services for printing.
  5. Send
Please do not run the Validation process until you are ready for students to receive their 1098-Ts.

Pre-req: Item Type Reconciliation, TIN Table Setup, SSN/TIN Student Communications*, Verify FIRE Account

Printable Guide

Have this optional 1098-T Guide handy (printed or downloaded) so you can refer back to it and pick up where you left off.


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