Review Return to Title IV Summary

Purpose:  Use this document as a reference on how to review the R2T4 summary using ctcLink.

Audience:  Financial Aid staff.

You must have at least one of these local college managed security roles:

  • ZD FA Director
  • ZD FA R2T4 Prcs
  • ZZ FA Funds Manager
  • ZZ FA R2T4 Prcs

If you need assistance with the above security roles, please contact your local college supervisor or IT Admin to request role access.

Review R2T4 Summary

Navigation: Financial Aid > Return to Title IV Funds > Review Summary of TIV Return

  1. The Rtn TIV Stu Sum HERA search page displays.
  2. Complete the following fields:
    • Academic Institution
    • Aid Year
    • Term
  3. Select the Search button.
  4. The Return of TIV Funds Summary page displays.
  5. Use the Return of TIV Funds Summary page to view a summary of a student’s return of TIV funds calculation.
  6. Select the Go To Worksheets link.
  7. The system opens a new browser window and takes you to the Create Worksheet page.  The Return of TIV Aid tab defaults.
  8. Use this page to:
    • view RTIV withdraw calculation detail,
    • recalculate the withdrawal,
    • or add a new student who has withdrawn.
  9. Select the X on the new tab to close and return to the Review of TIV Funds Summary page.
  10. The Review of TIV Funds Summary page displays.
  11. Select the Summary tab.
  12. The Summary tab displays:
    • withdrawal,
    • cancel,
    • and institutional determination dates.
  13. The Undetermined Withdrawal Date check box is selected if the student withdrew unofficially. This information comes from the Return TIV Aid page.
  14. The system displays a date to indicate the midpoint of the payment period if the student unofficially withdraws. You can update this field if you want to use a different withdrawal date.
  15. The Withdrawal\Cancel Date field indicates:
    • Last date of recorded attendance,
    • date the student began the withdrawal process,
    • date the student provided to your school with the intent to withdraw,
    • or the midpoint of the payment period if the student unofficially withdraws.
  16. The system displays the default date based on the date that was established in Student Records.
  17. The Institutional Determination Date field indicates the withdrawal date determined by the financial aid office.
  18. Select the Calculation Period tab.
  19. The Calculation Period tab displays the time period the system uses to define the start and end date of the payment period or enrollment period. It also displays the amount of aid the student may be eligible for as a post-withdrawal disbursement.
  20. If the student received less than his eligibility, the system displays the amount to be disbursed.
  21. Select the Worksheet Data tab.
  22. The Worksheet Data tab displays the amount of aid the institution must return to the Title IV programs and the status or the amount due from the student and the status.

Video Tutorial

The video below demonstrates the process actions described in the steps listed above. There is no audio included with this video. Select the play button to start the video.

View Tutorial Via Panopto

View the external link to Review Return to Title IV Summary - No Audio. This link will open in a new tab/window.


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