Links to ctcLink Training Information

Purpose: Use this document to explore the various ctcLink training web pages available through SBCTC.

Audience: All Staff

  • ctcLink Training Page - This page provides information and resources to learn about ctcLink PeopleSoft pillars, modules, and training support resources. Here you can start to get a better understanding of (PeopleSoft) ctcLink training courses. These courses provide basic instruction on how to use ctcLink. Courses are self-paced.
  • ctcLink Training Registration Page - List of ctcLink self-paced Canvas courses including course description, course objectives, who should take the course, and the estimated course duration. High level course registration instructions, as well as the ctcLink Course Registration form are also available.
  • ctcLink Course Registration Form - Form used for self-registration into available ctcLink Canvas course offerings. Step-by-step registration instructions provided.
  • Meet the Training Team Page - A brief introduction to each member of the ctcLink Training team.

Canvas Information

  • Canvas Course Curriculum Listings - Compilation of ctcLink module transactions and which ctcLink Canvas courses provide additional information regarding the process. Note, you must be registered for the specific Canvas course in order for the embedded hyperlinks to work properly.
  • Canvas Login - Canvas is the learning management system (LMS) used by the Washington state community and technical colleges. It is our primary tool for hosting online courses, course communication, and assessments and it integrates with many other eLearning tools used by our colleges.

Pillar Training Sessions

Explore topics or refresh your memory with previously recorded ctcLink Training Recordings. Recordings are located in the Additional Resources module of the corresponding Canvas course(s). Register for the course(s) at the ctcLink Training Registration page

Pillar Work Sessions

  • Pillar Work Session Canvas Course - Explore previous topics or just refresh your memory with previously recorded Pillar Work Sessions. Sign into the course and complete the user agreement to display Work Session information by pillar area and then topic. If you have not registered, you will receive an access denied message. Register for course(s) at the ctcLink Training Registration page or view this short video clip.
  • Pillar Work Session Schedule Page - Pre-scheduled sessions throughout the year, each Pillar team holds topic-specific work sessions during which important updates and specific content is shared. This is also a forum for our ctcLink users to share discoveries, issues, quirks, best practices, questions, business process options and whatever else might come up. Sign up for ListServ, link to session archives through Canvas course and upcoming schedule.