Campus Solution Core Onboarding Training Manual - Available July 2024

Purpose: Use this document is to assist new college staff in your training journey through ctcLink (PeopleSoft). Although learning a new software system can be challenging, the hope is that this document will provide you with information to locate, understand and participate in the various training and learning opportunities available from Washington State Board for Community and Technical Colleges (SBCTC).

Audience: New Campus Solution Core Staff

The link below provides access to the CS Core Onboarding Training Manual.

CS Core Onboarding Training Manual

How to Use the Onboarding Training Manual

The Onboarding Training Manual is broken down into four sections. Read through each section and open each document to navigate through the manual.

Onboarding Checklist

Use the Onboarding Checklist to understand the areas within each section that you must complete and to identify which ctcLink self-paced courses you are required to take. All available course offerings are listed on the Course Checklist, but depending on the role(s) you play and functions you perform, you may be required to complete different/more ctcLink courses than your colleagues. Refer to the Role Based CS Core Training Content and Requirements document to help you identify the training opportunities that may benefit your understanding of ctcLink.

Role Based CS Core Training Content and Requirements

Each module of CS Core has an aligned ctcLink Canvas course. Each course specifies the potential roles or tasks one may perform while working within their college offices. Understand and identify the required and recommended courses you will need to complete based on your role and the functions you perform.

Onboarding Additional Resources

Access a comprehensive list of a variety of ctcLink related references and resources.

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