9.2 Sick Leave Buyout Absence Processing

Purpose:  Use this document to manually process sick leave buyout for Absence.

Audience:  Absence Management Administrators/Payroll/HR Administrators

1.  Identifying the Eligible Employees

Navigation:  NavBar > Navigator > Global Payroll & Absence Management > CTC Custom > CTC Reports > Absence Time Cost Report

  1. On the Planned And Actual Absentee Time Costs page, run the Sick Leave Buyout report for the year 2020 by selecting the Compensable Sick Leave Eligible for Leave Buyout radio button.
  2. Enter the Company number (or use the magnifying glass lookup icon and make selection).
  3. Enter the Cal Year (or use the magnifying glass lookup icon and make selection).
  4. Select the Run button.
Planned and Actual Absentee Time Costs page
  1. On the Process List tab, select the Report Manager link to download the Sick Leave report.
  2. Select the report to review.
  1. Report shows the Eligible Sick Leave Hours, Hourly Rate and Leave Buyout Amount. NOTE:  For PTF hourly rates, this needs to be updated manually based on the FWL hourly rate.

NOTES FOR DG3-A and DG3-B Colleges:

  • Generate the CSL Eligible for Leave Buyout report in Legacy from January 2020 to Go Live date.
  • Generate the CSL Leave Buyout Report in PeopleSoft from Go Live date to December 2020.
  • Merge the Legacy and PeopleSoft report.
  • Identify the Eligible Employees.
2.  Adjusting Absence Balance
  1. Enter time available hours (Negative Hours) in the Balance Adjustment field in the Balance Adjustments section of the page.   (Although optional, Comments can be added).
3.  Validate the Absence Adjustment

After running the Absence Calculation process (Jan A or Jan B Take), validate the leave balance for the employee(s) in the Results by Calendar Group page.  (In this example, Jan A Take Calendar was used).

Navigation:  Workforce Administrator tile > Absence Administration > Results by Calendar Group

  1. On the Supporting Elements tab, view absence adjustments.
  1. On the Accumulators tab, view the Closing Balance After Take process.
  2. Send the confirmation email to SBCTC after Absence Adjustment Validation to finalize the Absence Calendar. (Email to ABS Notify:  ABS-Notify@sbctc.edu)
4.  Enter Sick Leave Buyout Hours in Payline

You can enter the Sick Leave Buyout Hours (Time Payable) manually in the Payline or through the PSHUP file.

Entering Hours in Payline:  

Navigation: NavBar > Navigator > Payroll for North America > Payroll Processing USA > Update Paysheets > By Payline

  1. Add a new record by selecting the plus (+) button.
  2. Enter LPA in the Code field and enter time payable in the Amount field.

Process Complete


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