9.2 Message Center - Tuition Due Reminder Notice

Purpose: Use this document as a reference for how to send reminder notices that tuition is due through Message Center.

Audience: Staff Setting Up Communications.

The Tuition Due Reminder notice can be sent through the 3C’s Communication Generation process. However, Message Center is utilized to allow for text flexibility regarding differing messages for pre-term start, post-term start, and any additional information. This is because the college’s business process may require differing instruction and information spontaneously. To utilize the Message Center template navigate to: Highpoint > Letter Codes > Letter Code Text.

Message Center - Tuition Due Reminder Notice

Message Center Template Setup

Navigation: NavBar > Navigator > Campus Community > Communications > Setup Communications > Standard Letter Table CS

  1. To create a letter code, it is first required that you have a letter code setup under Setup Communications.
  2. The dynamic fields in the example below ({H.DESCR} and {DAY_DATE}) are contingent on those fields being in the query used to select the population. It is, in essence, your population selection query and your source of dynamic data.
Example of Letter Code Text Communication Set Up template

Message Center - Send Messages

Navigation: Highpoint > Message Center > Processes > Send Messages

  1. The query: CTC_SF_TUT_EREMINDER_PS is being used to send the Tuition Due Reminder. This query returns fields that include DAY_DATE (Due date spelled out Day of Week, month, year) and H.DESCR (Term being reminded for).
  2. The CTC_SF_TUT_EREMINDER_PS query prompts for:
    • SetID: Institution code Example: WA140
    • Account Term: Term for which student needs reminder they still owe for Example: 2193
    • Tuition & Fees Only: When the box is checked the population selected is limited to those that owe for Tuition and Fees.
    • Days Before Due Dt: Indicate the number of days before someone’s due date to start sending Tuition Due reminders, since every individual’s due date could vary based on when they enroll (Billing and Due Calendar). In the example below, this notice will start notifying an individual 15 days prior to being due, then every time the query is ran, until the due date and then dropped for non-payment.

*Note - Best practice suggests running process daily from when enrollment begins until after enrollment has ended.

Message Center - Send Messages page
  1. After selecting the appropriate Letter Setup fields in the Populate Message Text from Letter Code section of the Message Details area, the letter template will be pulled in.
Message Center - Populate Message Text from Letter Code section
  1. Select the Run button to send the Tuition Due Reminder Notice text to the Message Center. 
Message Center Example
  1. To view threads sent to a student, you can navigate to:  Highpoint > Message Center > Search for Threads.
  2. Process complete.


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