metaLink Canvas Course

Purpose: Provide a link to self enroll in the metaLink Canvas course

Audience: All ctcLink users

The metaLink app will support the college system by providing key information about the data stored within the tables and columns in dataLink, which are replicated from the ctcLink production database. The key information is critical to the accurate use of PeopleSoft data for reporting and/or analysis.  

metaLink is also a search tool and can be used to search for queries, pivot grids and reports as well as used to view the SQL script used in the creation of Views.  metaLink provides much more detailed information than searches in PeopleSoft provide.

Link to metaLink Training Canvas Course

Note: you must have a Canvas account at your local institution.  If you are unable to access Canvas please submit a ticket with your local help desk.

If you are able to access Canvas but cannot self enroll in the course please email Paula McDaniel at [email protected] to request to be manually added to the course. 


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