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Purpose: This document is to provide colleges instructions on how to perform the validation of data in the PeopleSoft environment.

Colleges are being asked to  review data that was converted from the  legacy environment to  PeopleSoft.  The goal of data validation is to  ensure legacy data was  accurately converted into PeopleSoft.  College  Subject Matter Experts  (SMEs) are included in data validation as a  learning experience in  navigating the PeopleSoft application, selecting  records to review, and  reporting issues discovered.

College executives are asked to support the time and effort expended by college SMEs necessary to complete the following:

  • Develop a familiarity with navigating the relevant PeopleSoft menus and pages.
  • Review selected records, comparing legacy data to the records as converted into PeopleSoft.
  • Report issues discovered after careful review of converted data.
  • Monitor resolution of reported issues for review in the next conversion testing round.
  • Develop an approach for  self-managing the data validation and issue  reporting process in  subsequent rounds of data conversion testing.

It is expected that College Data Validation SMEs will have already read the Data Validation Overview guides before beginning their validation activities:

Overview Of Data Validation
Absence Management Conversion Summary

In order to convert the leave balances from the legacy system to PeopleSoft an employee should exist in PeopleSoft. Which means that the employee should have an active job already created in PeopleSoft system.

In PeopleSoft HCM, a job record cannot exist without a Person Record. The Person Record consists of the Employee ID (Empl ID) (SID in Legacy) and Effective Date, in addition to the personal contact information.

Each person in PeopleSoft should have a unique Empl ID assigned and can have multiple job records. The Absence balances from legacy are transferred to PeopleSoft by mapping their leave balances for every leave type to respective Job records.

Conversion Validation Due Date

The Validation Results and Feedback are due NO LATER THAN on the last  day of the Data Validation Period. It is strong recommended that issues  are reported EARLY in the validation period and are not held until the  end of the period. Validation Results and Feedback are for reporting  closure of the college's validation activities for the conversion cycle.  To view a list of the validation periods please refer to the timeline topic in the Data Validation Overview - Getting Started Guide.

Getting Help

Questions about the conversion or conversion validation work can be directed to:

Contact Name Contact Role Contact Email
Sanjiv Bhagat HCM Project Manager [email protected]
Manoj Rajabhather HCM Business Analyst [email protected]
Conversion Detail Information

This is the best opportunity to identify issues and correct them so that future cycles will provide cleaner data.  

  • Absence data migration is primarily data validation of the converted leave balances.
  • Leave balances are taken as of a specific date, referred to as the Legacy snapshot.
Conversion Background

Conversion validation includes the following areas:

  • Leave Balance
    • CSL  Sick Leave Balance
    • VAC  Vacation Leave Balance
    • P/H  Personal Holiday Balance
    • PRL  Personal Leave Balance
    • NSL  Non-Compensable Sick Leave
    • SHL  Student and Hourly Leave
Common Conversion Issues

Below is a list of items that are known validation issues:

  • Leave Balances in PeopleSoft are always in Hours and not Days.
    • P/H  Personal Holiday and PRL  Personal Leave balances are maintained in some institutions as Days. As part of the Legacy data clean-up the leave balances should be converted into Hours. Users need to check to make sure that all the leave balances are converted with units as Hours.
  • No Eligible Job
    • Job record does not exist for the leave balances to be converted. Some Employees Job records were not created in Peoplesoft so the conversion program could not load their leave balances for those Job records. Need to check why the Job records were not created and the issue should be fixed before the next data conversion cycle/Legacy snapshot.

Note: Data Validators are not required to log the issues listed above in the OTM environment unless they require assistance in determining the root cause.

Minimum Validation Requirements

It’s probably a good idea to look at about 20% to 25% of the records  every cycle until all records have been evaluated, and though most have  not changed at this point there should be stand-outs and exceptions  should be paid special attention. It is recommended that the employees leave balances that are validated are made up of different groups (e.g. Classified Staff, Part Time Faculty, Faculty, and Exempt).

Conversion Validation Steps
Prepare The PeopleSoft Screens
  1. The project team has created queries specific to the areas in which validation is required. Start by navigating to the Query Viewer page: NavBar > Navigator > Reporting Tools > Query > Query Viewer
Query Viewer Page Example
  1. Click New Window in the upper right hand corner
    • Click the Home button (it looks like a house and is located above the Help button in the upper right hand corner)
  2. To get to Personal Information follow this navigation: NavBar > Navigator > Global Payroll And Absence Mgmt > Payee Data > Maintain Absences > Review Absence Balances
  3. At this point there should be two browser windows open, one with the Query Viewer, and one with the Review Absence Balances page. This is similar to PS0025-002. You will need the report/query results for Empl IDs and Empl Records to use Review Absence Balances.
Current Balance Tab/PS0025-002 Example
Run The Validation Queries And Compare To Legacy
  1. In the Query Viewer window, click the drop down box next to Search By and select Folder Name.  In the box next to “begins with”, type %VAL ABS% and click the Search button.

The following query should appear:

AM_EE_LEAVE_BALANCE_VAL shows all Personal Information (Name, birth date, contact information, etc.)

Query Viewer Results Example
  1. Click “Run to Excel” on any of the queries to run the query in a new window. This will allow sorting and filter capabilities.  Make sure the pop up blocker in your browser is not blocking the ability to run the query.
  2. After selecting a query to run, use the magnifying glass in the query window to select a viable Company code from the table (or type in your college number), and Click “View Results”
  3. You will receive a prompt to download an Excel file. Save to your desired location and open to review. Use query results in conjunction with data express report from Legacy to perform Validation. Review Absence Balances is only recommended for specific employee spot-checking.
Submitting Data Validation Results

College Data Validation SMEs will communicate any conversion issues   they encounter during their data validation via the Oracle Test  Manager  (OTM) application. The ctcLink Testing Team will provide OTM    orientation materials before the data validation period for any  College  Data Validation SMEs who are not familiar with the tool.   Please refer  to the  Data Validation Overview - Reporting Issues guide for more information on using OTM.

When logging a new issue in OTM related to data being validated  through  this guide, remember to use the following values for these  specific  required fields in your issue entry under the project tied to  this  Deployment Group and CS Data Validation Cycle.

  • Summary: (Provide a title for the issue discovered)
  • Assigned To: Sanjiv Bhagat
  • Status: (Leave as NEW)
  • College or Location : (Specify the college or district)
  • Priority: (Leave blank - not used)


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