9.2 View COD Data

Purpose: Use this document as a reference on how to view imported COD response data on financial aid awards in ctcLink.

Audience: Financial Aid Staff.

Navigation:  NavBar > Navigator > Financial Aid > File Management > COD Full Participant > View COD Data

  1. The View COD Data Search Criteria page displays.
  2. Enter in any combination of search values, i.e.,
    1. ID
    2. SSN Identifier
    3. Last Name Identifier
    4. COD Document ID, if you have it.
  3. Select the Search button.
select search
  1. The View COD Data page displays.
  2. Select the COD Award tab.
cod award tab
  1. Select the Response Information hyperlink.
response information link
  1. The Award Response page displays.
  2. When troubleshooting COD award rejects, you can view the specific reject reasoning on the Response Information pagelet.  
  3. Select the Return link.
award response pagelet
  1. You have successfully viewed COD data.
  2. End of procedure.


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