9.2 Loan Processing Video

Purpose: Use these loan videos as a visual reference on steps in the direct loan origination process.

Audience:  Financial Aid Staff

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Loan Processing 1 of 4 (00:05:08)

Loan Processing 2 of 4 (00:10:42)

Loan Processing 3 of 4 (00:03:43)

Loan Processing 4 of 4 (00:03:24)


Tuyet Tran


I run loan process but it didn't pick up any file to process. Do you know why? Do I miss any step? I repackage to assign the loans for student, then I originate the loans following exactly the step you show in here.


Kelly Forsberg

Hi Tuyet, Thanks for reaching out! It is typical you may not have results when running the summer exclude or include process, depending on the types of loans you are awarding. Please always run the steps as outlined in the loan processing business processing guide for the best outcome. Thank you! -Kelly Forsberg, ctcLink Functional Trainer (Financial Aid)

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