9.2 Post a Student Transaction (Quick Post)

Purpose: Use this document as a reference for how to add a transaction to a student’s account in ctcLink.

Audience: Student Financials Staff.

To use this page, your Institution/Business Unit must be set as a user default. 

Post a Student Transaction

Navigation:  NavBar > Navigator > Student Financials > Charges and Payments > Post Student Transaction

  1. The Student Post search page displays.
  2. Enter appropriate information in the Add a New Value tab.
  3. Enter or lookup and select the Student ID.
  4. Enter or lookup and select the Account Type.
  5. Enter or lookup and select the Item Type.
  6. Select the Add button.
Student Post page - Add a New Value tab
  1. The Student Post page displays.
  2. Enter an Amount for the item type.
  3. Enter the transaction Term.
  4. The reference number field is optional. This can be used to track the transaction.
  5. Enter Item Effective Date on which the transaction becomes active. The default is the current date.
  6. Enter Due Date.

The Due Date is needed for downstream processes; for example, collections processing.

  1. Select the Post button to add the transaction to the student’s account.
Student Post page
  1. Select the Student Accounts link to verify the item type posted to the account.
Student Post page - Student Accounts link highlighted
  1. Select the Return link once account information has been verified.
Student Accounts page
  1. The Student Post page displays.
  2. Select the New Transaction button to post a new transaction on the next student’s account.
Student Post page - New Transaction button selected
  1. Process complete.


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