9.2 Verify Data in CampusCE

Purpose: Use this document to verify data coming from PeopleSoft into CampusCE.

Audience: Continuing Education Staff.

Login to CampusCE

  1. Log in to CampusCE DEV environments. 
  2. Use you login information (username and password) provided by CampusCE representative. 
  3. Enter your Username.
  4. Enter your Password.
  5. Select the Sign In button.
CampusCE sign in page

Edit and Search Courses in CampusCE

  1. Select Course then Course Edit from the list on the left sidebar.
  2. On the Find Course page, select the Admin Unit drop down. You should see the Admin Units for all classes you have set up in ctcLink.  
  3. Select an Admin Unit and select the Search button to bring up a list of all courses associated with the class sections.  
CampusCE Find Course page

Locate and Review Course Information in CampusCE

  1. Select a row to open a course and view the Course Info tab. To see details of data that is sent from ctcLink PeopleSoft to CampusCE view the CampusCE to PeopleSoft Fields QRG.
  2. Confirm the course information is correct and that courses are in the correct Admin Unit for the courses on your list to review.
  3. Review the following fields:
    1. Title
    2. Admin unit
    3. Course Prefix
    4. Course Number
    5. Course Web Description
    6. Course Print Notes
  4. The screenshots below provide and example of the available information.
CampusCE Course Info tab example

Review Section Info Tab and Schedule Tab in CampusCE

  1. After reviewing the course information, select the Sections tab.  
  2. If there are multiple sections of the course, they will be listed. Select the correct class section, in the correct term, by selecting the aligned row.  
  3. The Section Edit area will display.  

Tip - You can also navigate directly to the Section Info tab by selecting Courses then Section Edit from the list on the left sidebar.

CampusCE Section Edit page

PeopleSoft data is located in the Info tab and the Schedule tab from the main CampusCE Section tab.

Info Tab

  1. Review the Info tab fields listed below.
    1. Term
    2. SKU
    3. Section
    4. Course price
    5. Section Web Notes
CampusCE Section Edit - Section Info tab
CampusCE Course Info tab Section Print Notes

Schedule Tab

  1. Review the Schedule tab fields listed below.
    1. Start Date
    2. End Date
    3. Day(s)
    4. Start Time
    5. End Time
    6. Schedule Notes
    7. Building
    8. Room
    9. Instructor
CampusCE Section Edit - Section Schedule tab
  1. Use the Calculate button to display the date details.

This is not required, and does not display to students.

CampusCE Calculate button


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