9.2 Using Quick Admit

Purpose: Use this document as a reference for using Quick Admit in ctcLink.

Audience: Campus Community staff.

You must have at least one of these local college managed security roles:

  • ZZ SR Quick Admit

If you need assistance with the above security roles, please contact your local college supervisor or IT Admin to request role access.

You must also set these SACR Security permissions:

Quick Admit bypasses the admissions module and allows you to admit a student quickly. However, you can only quick admit a student once per career and this is NOT included in admissions reporting.

When adding an admission application (Quick Admit, Add Application) to an existing EMPLID:

  • If you copy/paste an EMPLID, you may have noticed that when you  copy/paste an EMPLID it can come along with an extra space and tab.  Please keep an eye out and delete those extra spaces before and after an  EMPLID before saving your record. If you save with the extra space/tab,  it creates a NEW EMPLID (a duplicate!) that includes that space/tab.
  • If you manually enter an EMPLID, please confirm it is the same as  the intended EMPLID before saving. If you save it and it is not the same  and intended EMPLID, it can create a new EMPLID (or associate data with  the wrong EMPLID).
  • When you get a warning that an SSN is already in use, heed it! It is  a clue that you may unintentionally be creating a new EMPLID. Stop and  figure out who else has the SSN on their record: Are they the same  person that you are adding to the system?

Using Quick Admit

Navigation:   NavBar > Navigator > Records and Enrollment > Enroll Students > Quick Admit a Student

  1. The Quick Admit a Student add page displays.
  2. ID. Allow defaulting to "NEW" unless quick admitting for an existing student.

Note for CampusCE

After you've performed a Search/Match and have determined that the student does not already have an academic record at your institution, then you would enter their EMPLID (ctcLink ID) into the ID field. For example, a student at your college might have a student ID because they were enrolled in Academic classes--Academic Career. Now the student wants to enroll into classes under the Cont Ed Career; therefore, you would enter their ID into the ID field and select Continuing Education Career. For this demonstration, we will be adding an Academic Career for a new student.

  1. Academic Institution: Enter or look up.
  2. Academic Career: Enter or look up.
  3. Term. Enter or look up.
  4. Select Add.
Add a New
  1. The Biographical Details tab displays. Enter the applicant information into the following sections:

Person Information

  1. Person Information
    1. Select the Prefix list, if disclosed by student, and select the desired item from the drop down menu--it is not a required field.
    2. Enter the student's information into the followings fields:
      • First Name
      • Last Name
      • Date of Birth
      • Birth Information. Select this link to access the Birth Information Detail page--enter the student's birth location, country, and state (Optional).

Biographical History

  1. Use the Effective Date field in the Biographical History section to enter the date from which the entry is valid in your system.
  2. Marital Status. This field is identified with an asterisk-- it is not required to enter information in order to save.
Biographical Details tab
  1. Select the Sex drop-down list and choose the desired item from the drop down menu--Female, Male, Not Exclusively Male or Female, Unknown as been disclosed by the student.
Select Sex to Enter if disclosed by student
  1. If provided, enter applicant information into the National ID section(s). Additional rows can be added by selecting Add.
National ID if disclosed

Contact Information

In the Contact Information section, enter the address information:

  • Address Type such as Home, Business, or Mailing. The system displays Home as the default address type.

The default for the Effective Date field is the current system date. The effective date is the date when the address for the address type you selected is effective. This date is also the date when the status that you select is valid.

The Status field is set to either Active or Inactive.

  1. Select the Edit Address link.
Edit Address link

Use the Edit Address page to edit a student's address data.

The system validates the address by comparing it to the county, state, and city as defined on the Valid Address page. If your address does not contain a valid county, state, and city for the selected country you will receive an error.

  1. Enter the desired information into the following:
    • Address 1 field
    • Address 2 field (if applicable)
    • City field
    • State field
    • Postal field
    • County field
  2. Select the OK button.
    • If you are unable to save your address, confirm your address by checking the accuracy of your address. If you are still unable to save the address due to an error, select the Change Country link and choose your country. This will allow you to bypass the error before choosing OK.
    • Note: When searching for the country England, select GBR (United Kingdom) to open the address fields. 
    • In the Phone section, select the Type drop-down list and choose the desired item from the drop down menu.
    • Enter the desired information into the Phone field.
    • In the Email section, select the Type drop-down list and choose the desired item from the drop down menu.
    • Enter the desired information into the Email Address field.
      • To add an additional address, phone or email, select the Add a New Row [+] icon or the Add button in these sections.
    • Use the Visa/Permit Data link to enter the visa/permit data that has been disclosed by the individual.
    • Use the Citizenship link to enter the citizenship and/or passport data that has been disclosed by the individual.

Regional Tab

  1. The Regional tab displays.
  2. Complete the Ethnicity section. If more than one ethnicity is reported, add another row by selecting the Add a new Row [+] icon.
Regional Tab for Ethnicity

Program/Plan Tab

  1. The Program/Plan tab displays.
  2. Enter Academic Program Primary.
  3. Enter Campus.
  4. Enter Academic Plan.
  5. Enter Admit Term.
  6. Enter Requirement Term.
  7. Enter Expected Graduation Term. (Optional--not required at this time).
  8. Select Residency. 

Note about CampusCE

Residency is not required for Continuing Education. DO NOT edit residency when Quick admitting to the CNED career.

Program Plan tab
  1. The Residency Official page displays.
  2. Enter Effective Term.
  3. Enter Residency. Residency is determined when students apply for admissions at Washington State community colleges and public universities.  If you can determine the residency status based on the information you have, enter the appropriate determination. If you cannot properly code residency for tuition purposes, enter "UD."
  4. Enter Residency Date.
  5. Select OK.
Residency Official page
  1. The Residency Official page disappears.  The Program/Plan tab displays.
  2. Select Save.  The student is admitted and term-activated.
Program Plan tab
  1. The Biographical Details page displays.
  2. Process is complete when ID is generated.
Biographical Details tab


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