9.2 CNED CampusCE Transaction Management Page

Purpose:  This reference guide demonstrates the use of the CampusCE Transaction Management Page. This page provides a list of transactions sent from CampusCE to ctcLink PeopleSoft by way of the integration.

Audience:  CampusCE administrators.

You must have at least one of these local college managed security roles:

  • ZD CE Transaction Mgmt
  • ZZ CE Transaction Mgmt

If you need assistance with the above security roles, please contact your local college supervisor or IT Admin to request role access.

You also need to set the following SACR Security permission:

CNED CampusCE Transaction Management Page

Navigation:  NavBar > Navigator > Curriculum Management > CTC Custom > CampusCE > CampusCE Transaction Mgmt

Find a CampusCE student record

  1. On the CampusCE Transaction Mgmt search page, the Academic Institution should default to the users institution.
  2. Multiple options exist for filtering the results, or searching for a specific transaction.
  3. Select the Search button.
  4. The Search Results display.   This will provide a list of all transactions which have been passed to ctcLink PeopleSoft from CampusCE.  
  5. Select the applicable row from the Search Results. This is a link which will take you to the additional pages.
CampusCE Transaction Management Page

PeopleSoft will only display 300 records in a search.  Use the options for Transaction Date to select only one day (=), all days after a date (>=) or between to narrow down the list of records displayed.  Query QCS_CE_CAMPUSCE_TRANSACTION can also be used to provide an file that can be sorted and filtered.

CampusCE Request

The CampusCE Request tab displays the information sent from CampusCE to PeopleSoft.  This can be used to view or verify the information.  DOB is not displayed, regardless of masking setting the user has.  

CampusCE Request page

ctcLink Response

The ctcLink Response tab displays the status of a registration request.  Based on the status and status details staff will navigate to the appropriate page in PeopleSoft and address the issue.  Links to four pages have been provided.  If the user has the ZD CE Transaction Mgmt role they will not be able to view any data through the links.  Those with ZZ CE Transaction Mgmt role will have view only access to the pages, unless they have been granted a ZZ of ZC role by their security administrator.

ctcLink Response Page

Note: When the User Profile indicates 1 of 2 (or more) you must click on View All to see all the transactions associated with an order.  
Records that are on the Transaction Management Page should only display one student and one class enrollment.  If staff need to update a record in CampusCE a second row will appear on both tabs.

Occasionally there is more than one order (CampusCE Order Id) on the record that you will see (CSCE Order Detail Id).  This will be a different student, and may be from a different college.  On the ctcLink Response tab you can differentiate by EMPLID, Institution, and Class Nbr.  

CampusCE request tab -highlight 1 of 2 and view all

If you enroll multiple students on an order in CampusCE each student and class combination will appear as a unique record.  You will see each as a separate row on the search results.


Refer to the Troubleshooting section of CampusCE Overview for additional information.

Refer to 9.2 CNED CampusCE Errors for explanations and actions to be taken for errors.

Updating Transactions

If a transaction does not process fully the issues may need to be addressed in CampusCE or it may need to be addressed in ctcLink PeopleSoft.


Once you have corrected an error in CampusCE navigate to Registration > Order Processing and search for the transaction. Change the status to Registered and click on Update.  Do not use the resubmit button.

status=registered; Update button not Resubmit


If the error is in ctcLink PeopleSoft you may need to complete the course registration process.  Use the View Enrollment Request link if an override is necessary, or to try to complete a pending process.  The 9.2 Entering Enrollment Requests provides information on some common issues.

Enrollment request status: pending. Submit button

Security Roles

Security Information:

Note: If you already have one of these roles, you may need to have the role removed and added back to view the updated page access. 

  1. ZD CE Transaction Mgmt (to view, no access to linked pages)
  2. ZZ CE Transaction Mgmt (to edit, and view linked pages).  

Note: staff must have ZZ or ZC roles for the linked pages if they want to make changes

Maintain Schedule of Classes: ZC CM Class Builder (only for class builders)

View Enrollment Request: ZZ SR Enrollment Summary

Search/Match: ZD CC Personal Info Student

Add/Update Person: ZD CC Personal Info Student (to view information) or ZZ CC Personal Info Student (to edit information  which should only be done if the student is only in the CNED career.  If they are also a UGRD student contact the registration office)

View Student Account: ZZ SF Customer Accounts


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