9.2 Creating a Project Budget

Purpose:  Use this document as a reference for creating a budget for a project in ctcLink.

Audience: Finance/Grant Fiscal Staff.

You must have at least one of these local college managed security roles:

  • ZZ Project Cost Entry-Maint
  • ZZ Project Costing Processing

You must also set these User Preference Definitions:

If you need assistance with the above security roles or User Preference Definitions, please contact your local college supervisor or IT Admin to request role access.

After the Project or Program has been created in Project Costing (Start & End dates, Location and Activities added, and User Field #5 added for Capital Project) the next step is to create a Project Budget.

Creating a Project Budget

Navigation: NavBar > Navigator > Project Costing > Budgeting > Budget Plan

  1. On the Budget Plan search page, select the Add a New Value tab.
  2. Enter or look up the Business Unit.  The value defaults from your user setup.  You can change it if you have access to multiple Business Units.
  3. Enter or look up the Project.
  4. Select Add. The Budget Plan page will display.
budget plan add a new value tab
  1. On the Budget Plan page, enter the Description.  (Max 25 characters). Select Save.
  2. Select the Budget Detail icon. The Budget Detail page will display.
budget plan page enter description and select budget detail.
  1. On the Budget Detail page, select the Budget Items icon.  The Project Budget Items page will display.

The following Project example has 2 Activities: Applied Arts Remodel and Demo.

select the budget items icon on budget detail page
  1. From the Spread Option drop-down list select Adjust by Amount.
  2.  On the Project Budget Items pageenter or look up Project Budget Item.
  3. Enter a dollar amount for the budget item in Budget Adjustment.
  4. Select the Distribute Budget button.

Use the plus icon to add additional Budget Items/rows. 

project budget items pagelet
  1. The system will display a message 'New Budget Adjustment __ does not match the original Budget Adjustment of 0.'  
  2. Select Yes.  
  3. The Project Budget Items page will display.
select yes on confirmation message
  1. The Project Budget Items page displays. Select the General Ledger Detail tab.
  2. Enter Operating Unit.
  3. Enter Fund Code.
  4. Enter Department.
  5. Enter Class Field.
  6. Enter Appropriation, if needed.
  7. Enter State Purpose.
  8. Select OK.

NOTE:    Only the following Fund Accounts can be used within the Grants/Project Costing Modules:    057, 060, 145, 147, 253, and 357.  

general ledger detail tab on project budget items page
  1. The Budget Detail page displays. On the Budget Item row, select the Even Spread button for each of the Budget Items. You will notice that the Status will change from a yellow triangle to a green check mark on each line.
  2. Select Save.
select save on budget detail page

Note: The system evenly spread the amount across the periods.

The Status of the Budget Item has been changed from Budget not eligible for finalization to Budget eligible for finalization.

  1. Select the Return to Budget Plan link. The Budget Plan page will display.
select return to budget plan link
  1. On the Budget Plan page, select the Finalize button.
  2. The system displays a Message confirming the Finalization process was initiated.
select finalize tab on budget plan page
  1. Select OK then select the Process Monitor.
Confirmation message displays
  1. The Process Monitor page will display.  Select Refresh button until the Run Status = Success and Distribution Status = Posted. Process Please refer to the Process Scheduling QRG for instructions.
select go back to budget plan link
  1. Navigate back to the Budget Plan Finalize tab to view the Total Distributed Budget equals the Finalized Amount. 
view the Total Distributed Budget versus finalized amount

31.  Process complete.


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