Common Combo Edit Rule Errors

Purpose:   Use this document as a reference for reviewing common Combo Edit Rule errors.

Audience:  Finance Staff/Supervisors

Combo Error for fields Account/Class/Dept/Fund/Oper Unit/State Purpose in group ALL_REQ.  This error message usually means someone has missed one of the required fields.  Less common, would be a tree setup needs to be completed (by ERP) because there is a new account or fund.  This tree set up on a new account/fund would require a ticket to ERP support .

Combo Error for fields Account/Fund/Approp in group APPROP1.  This error message is when an appropriation is missing/needs to be added or does not match the allowable combination of appropriation in a fund.  Either the fund or appropriation needs to be changed; or an appropriation needs to be added or removed.

Combo Error for fields Dept/Fund/Class in group BANK_CASH.  This is now used for several 9XXXXX departments to limit the fund and class.  This rule is INCLUSIVE not exclusive and lists what you can use with 9XXXXX departments.  The user will have to change the chartstring or discuss this with the Accounting staff at the SBCTC Board.

Combo Error for fields Class/Fund/Account/Approp in group CLASS221.This error message occurs because it is Requiring the correct Appropriation Index for Local Capital fund expenditures with Class 221.

Combo Error for fields Fund/Account in group FND149ACCT. This error message occurs when the chartstring is using a revenue account that is not acceptable with the fund 149.  The account must be changed or discussed with SBCTC Accounting staff.

Combo Error for fields Fund/Project in group FND_PRJ.  This error message occurs when the Fund requires a project, or a project is used and it is a fund that does not allow a project.  The chartstring must be corrected.

Combo Error for fields Approp/Fund/Class in group R15_AI. Appropriation R15 can only be used with fund 147.  To fix either the fund or appropriation (or both) the user needs to edit the chartfield.


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