Setting up Basic Pricing--Part III

Creating Rate Schedules for Locations and Resources

Purpose: Rate Schedules is where you build in your pricing formulas

Audience: 25Live Functional Administrators & Event Schedulers

  1. Log into the Admin Utility.
  2. Click on the Pricing Tab and go to the Create Rate Schedule section.
  1. Rate Schedules can be created on Event Types, Locations, Resources and Requirements.  In this example, I'm going to create a Rate Schedule for Locations.
Rate Schedule for Locations
  1. I want to create a basic charge for Locations.  It's probalby best to create rates for different sizes of rooms so I would most likely create a Small, Medium and Large Rate Schedule or perhaps different rates for different types of locations.
  1. To set-up a Rate Schedule for a Location, you create your name.  Make it descriptive enough to separate from the others.  In this case, I'm calling this my "Small Room" rate.  Also, I need to choose a different Rate Group because I'm not charging internal organizations.  For now, I'm just charging External--For Profits.  
Location Rate Schedule for Small Rooms
  1. When an event is created and locations attached to a Rate Group and Rate Schedule are reserved, you will see the Pricing charge in the Pricing Details.  I also made an adjustment in the pricing details and gave the organization a 10% discount.
Pricing Details for Location rental with Adjusment


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