How to Delete a Term of Academic Data

Purpose: If you needed to delete a term of academic data before importing a new batch from Campus Solutions.

Audience: Academic Schedulers and Functional Administrators

  1. The first step in deleting a term is creating a term search.  Since you will need to be able to access this search in the Admin tool, you will need to make sure you can access the Admin tool with your network credentials. If you are unable to do this, then you will need to create a search and "share" it with the admin credentials you use to access the Admin tool.
  2. The typical term search data will can include your term code using the "Keyword" search criteria but you can also include your academic "Event Types" to insure you are just querying your academic term data.  Once you confirm your search results, save your search using a term identifier such as the term code and perhaps add the word "delete" so this search will be easily identifiable when locating it.
Event Search Screen
Save Search Image

3. Once your search is saved, then log into your Admin tool.  Remember that you will be able to find the search within the Admin tool if you use the same credentials to access the Admin tool as you use for Pro but if you use different credentials, then you will want to share your search you created in Pro with the Admin username you use to access the Admin Tool.

Locate your search within the Events Tab > Manage Event > Your Searches > Locate Saved Search.

Verify the results of your search and then select "Delete All" to remove term data from 25Live Pro.


Viewing Event Searches in Admin Tool
Deleting Event Search within Admin Tool


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