Generating Space Utilization Reports in 25Live Pro

Purpose: To create reports collecting utilization data for space management purposes such as managing your space use policy or submitting your institutional capital budget request.

Audience: 25Live Functional Administrators and Senior Management

  1. Log into your 25Live Pro User tool.  Both an Event and a Location search are needed for your reports.
  1. You first need to create your Event search.  It is recommended to create two different searches used in looking at your space utilization.  Your first event search used in this analysis will be your academic courses and class related activities.  Your second search should be all events.  A college environment is more then classes. There are student events, athletic events, community events and other staff activities.  Therefore, it is good practice to review how ALL your rooms are being used.  However, for the purpose of submitting utilization for your Capital Budget, only the "academic courses and class related activities" will be used for that analysis.  

  1. Navigate to the Search screen from Dashboard.
Navigate to Search Screen from Dashboard
  1. The next step will be to choose Events from the drop down box and select the Advanced mode and click to Add Criteria.
Event Search Criteria Options
  1. In this example I chose to use Event Types associated with Campus Solutions and Class related activities as one criteria variable.  Utilization for academics should only be credit generated courses from Campus Solutions and class related activities.  I also added the term code as a Keyword to make sure I'm pulling from the correct quarter.  If you were running a utilization report for "All Events" then the easiest pathway for that event search would be to choose both Instruction and Event Cabinets as the search criteria. Your Academic and Class Related Event search should be separate from your All Event search.  Once you select Search and view results, then select "Save As" to save your search.
Event Search Criteria
  1. The next step is to create your Location Search.  You can select the Advanced search to see all the criteria options but you can also leverage Categories to filter your search. The Categories filter should have your locations filtered by Campus, Building and Type.  You should have a "Classroom" type that can be used for you classroom search.  You should also have one or more "Lab" types that can be selected for you Lab location search.  When you search using these criteria options, always vet the results to make sure the list is accurate before you save the search. 


Location Search Screen
Location Search Criteria
  1.  Once you have vetted your search results, you want to select the "Save As" and add the term date or term code for your search since some locations change from year to year.
Location Search Criteria

  1. When you have vetted and saved both Event searches (Academics and All Events) and your Location searches (Classrooms and Labs), you ready to run your utilization reports.  Go to Reports > Other Reports > Location Utilization Summary - Excel report and then add your report parameters.
Utilization Report Parameters


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