9.2 Cost and Depreciation Reports

Purpose: Use this document as a reference for creating Asset Management Cost & Depreciation reports in ctcLink.

Audience: Finance and Asset Management staff

You must have at least one of these local college managed security roles:

  • ZZ Asset Management Reporting

If you need assistance with the above security roles, please contact your local college supervisor or IT Admin to request role access.

These reports use the data from the reporting tables that must be populated   See the Load The Reporting Tables QRG.

Cost and Depreciation Reports

Navigation: NavBar > Navigator > Asset Management > Financial Reports > Cost and Depreciation

All reports are generated via Run Controls.  Run Controls consist of a name and some parameters to pass to the process at run time.  The parameters may be different for different reports, and each run control is unique to a single report and user ID.  

Reports are viewed with Report Manager.

See the Running and Retrieving Reports QRG for more detail about run controls and the Report Manager.

Cost and Depreciation menu
  1. Many asset report run control pages contain a section for Report Print Options.  This section is collapsed by default and must be expanded and populated for the report to create any output.
Report Print Options collapsed
  1. Expand the section by selecting the arrow icon on the left side of the section.
  1. You can choose to organize the report by any of the available Chartfields by selecting the Chartfield in the Report By field.  This field is required.
  2. Each report has a default title that you can override.
  3. You must define both the CF (Chartfield) Template and the RF (Report Field) Template, and you will need to create templates for each report.  The first time you use a run control, you define the templates.  The templates can then be re-used for the same run control for subsequent reports of the same type.  After a template has been defined, you can edit it if needed.  Use the CF Template to select the which Chartfields to include in the report, and the order to display them.  You also choose which Chartfields you want to subtotal.
CF Template
  1. Use the RF Template to choose available data fields to include in the report.
RF Template
Report Print Options expanded
  1. These reports all use very similar Run Controls, such as this one for the Cost Activity Report.  Remember to supply the Report Print Options as explained above.
  2. Choose which Chartfield to Report By.  This field is required.
  3. Update or Add the CF and RF Template ID.
  4. Enter Title Override, if desired.
  5. Enter the Amount Length to display.  If the amount exceeds the length entered, the amount is shown as a series of asterisks.  If you enter an amount length of 4, and the amount retrieved is 15,000.00, the report will display ****.** in the Amount field.
  6. Enter or select your AM Business Unit.
  7. Enter or select Book Name = "WACTC".
  8. Enter a Fiscal Year/Period Range or a Date Range.
  9. Choose the Type of Report.
  10. The fields on the right are report filters.  Choose one, none, or multiples to generate the desired report.
  11. Enter your parameters then select Run.  
  12. After the process finished, view the report from the Report Manager link.
Cost Activity run control
  1. Process complete.