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UAT HH.001 - Hire to Payroll with Centralized Absence [Sprint 1] (Project Archive)

User Acceptance Test Overview

The information below is intended to provide colleges guidance on performing a User Acceptance Test on the business process for hiring new employees. The test can be executed starting with HH.001.1 - Fluid Position Management and continuing to either the Talent Acquisition Module (TAM) with the creation of a job opening or, for Colleges not choosing to adopt TAM, at the step of hiring a new employee and entering their data into the HR Core module [HH.001.5 - Hire a New Employee].  

Once the employee has been hired, the test will continue with providing the ability to report time, receive benefits and earn leave.  The intention is to ensure colleges understand how to bring new employees into the system and set them up so that they will be ready for payroll.  The actual execution of payroll is in a separate User Acceptance Test, HF.002 - Payroll to Finance (GL/AP), which will be executed in the next text sprint.  To ensure the best test coverage please review the minimum data scenarios and make a plan for how these scenarios will be tested.  Keep in mind this is a test environment so you can create whatever names and positions you like, so long as they allow you to represent your business process in the system and enable you to test how you will do this work once live on the system.

Depending on how your college staffs the process of opening new positions, on-boarding new employees and assigning time entry, leave and benefit plans this test may include many different individuals in the same department, or staff in different departments. Coordination with other colleagues at your college in advance of commencing testing is key to success. In the same way that it doesn't take a single individual to operate the business of running a college it will require coordination across departments to successfully test a business flow from beginning to end.


High Level Business Process Flow Diagram (Tier 1)

UAT HH.001 - Hire to Payroll Flow Chart

Data Scenarios for End-to-End High Level Flow (Tier 1)

In planning to test the 'End-to-End' process for Hiring to Payroll, please consider the relevant data scenarios that need to be tested as part of this process and include them in your test plan:

  • Create "Continuous" (e.g. adjunct, volunteers) and "Standard" (e.g. classified, exempt, full-time faculty, internships, students, hourly) Job Openings.
  • Search and Apply as a candidate to a single job opening and as another candidate to multiple job openings.
  • Hire employees who represent that variations of your employee population:
    • Benefit eligible and not benefit eligible.
    • Eligible to earn leave and not, as well as employees who are transferring leave from another institution (if applicable) or are returning and have a leave balance to reinstate.
    • Will require tax withholding and those who are tax exempt.

The FIRST step in the testing process for Hire to Payroll is:

HH.001.1 - Fluid Position Management

PDF Version of Flow for Printing