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UAT CF.011 - SF Refunds [Sprint 2- Post CC.015 Execution] (Project Archive)

User Acceptance Test Overview

There are many processes with SF that are processed weekly.  Frequently, more than one person should know how to perform these processes, so when possible multiple testers are recommended.

In most of these diagrams, there is minimal process "flow" as each concept is often contained in one or two screens within PeopleSoft.  Many of these items will need to be noted by colleges as part of their regular system upkeep and monitoring, if it is not already being monitored in some form in Legacy.  In nearly every case data validation is not strictly called out but is strongly recommended and understood to be part of the test.

The information below is intended to provide colleges guidance on performing a User Acceptance Test on this business process. The business process shown in the flow diagrams below may be only part of what is needed to complete an end-to-end test of a full business cycle. Coordination with other colleagues at your college in advance of commencing testing is key to success. In the same way that it doesn't take a single individual to operate the business of running a college it will require coordination across departments to successfully test a business flow from beginning to end.

Business Process Flow Diagram(s)

The FIRST step in the testing process for SF Refunds:

CF.011.1 Enrollment

Pre-UAT Walk Through Presentation - Refunds

PDF Version of Flow for Printing


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