9.2 Understanding FWL Job Data

Purpose: Use this document as a reference for understanding how Job Data in Human Capital Management (HCM) is viewed and used in Faculty Workload.

Audience: HR\Payroll Staff.

You must have at least one of these local college managed security roles:

  • ZD FWL View Cnt Calc
  • ZZ FWL Contract Approve
  • ZZ FWL Contract Calc
  • ZZ FWL Contract Gen
  • ZZ FWL Contract Submit
  • ZZ FWL Pay Processing

If you need assistance with the above security roles, please contact your local college supervisor or IT Admin to request role access.

Job Data in FWL appears in the Position/Job Summary section of the HCM Data page, which is part of the Maintain Faculty Workload component. The Maintain Faculty Workload component is the heart of the Faculty Workload process in that it serves as a "workspace" to store pertinent data. This page, sits half way through the business flow of processing Faculty pay, between adding the instructor assignments in class and generating an online contract to send pay to payroll.

Understand FWL Job Data

Overview of Job Data (HCM Data - Position/Job Summary)

Faculty Workload Business Process Flow Chart

Navigation:  NavBar > Navigator > Curriculum Management > CTC Custom > Faculty Workload > Faculty Workload Transaction > Maintain Faculty Workload

  1. The Maintain Faculty Workload search page displays.
  2. Enter the applicable Search Criteria.
  3. Select the Search button.
Maintain Faculty Workload search page
  1. The Maintain Faculty Workload page displays.
  2. The HCM Position Job Summary section, located in the HCM Data Page tab, allows staff to view summary information on active job records in HCM for:
    • Part-Time (PTF)
    • Full-Time Faculty (FAC)
  3. Selecting the View Job Data link will provide a 'view only' access into the actual Job Data component in HCM.
  4. Select the View Job Data link.
  5. NOTE:  Selecting this link opens a new page in HCM to 'display' the job information - only if the user has the role to view this information.
HCM Data Page tab

Warning: While a job record is visible in FWL if the HR Status is 'Active', if the Payroll Status is not also set to 'Active', pay cannot be sent to payroll for that job.

  1. The Job Data page displays in a new window.
Job Data page
  1. Select the CTC  Earnings Distribution tab.
  2. On the HCM Job Data record, the CTC Earnings Distribution page will store all of the 'budget' codes that payroll can be expensed against for that job.  The HCM system stores the Earnings Code and Combination Code (referred to as Combo Code or Account Code).  
  3. The CTC Earnings Distribution page will store all the available Earnings Codes that an employee could be paid with, but not all of these codes are used in FWL.  Typically only MLC (Moonlight/Overtime) and PTF (Part-Time Faculty - Adjunct) are applicable in FWL; however, at this time any of the Earnings Codes on the job record are visible on the FWL Pay Line.
CTC Earnings Distribution tab
  1. On the CTC Earnings Distribution page, the Earnings Codes are stored with their associated Combination Code(s).  If the job is paid from multiple budgets, then the Earnings Code will be added more than once and each budget (Combo Code) will be added on a separate line.  The Percent of Distribution will be split equally to total 100%.  Faculty Workload does not use the distribution percentage from this page, as the actual payments come through the Pay Sheet Upload process and are not put through a distribution process.  The page itself though does require that each Earnings Code total 100% distribution.  Typically the first Earnings Code entered on the CTC Earnings Distribution page is picked up and posted to the FWL Pay Line upon calculation, however the value can be changed on the Pay Line.
  2. The Combo Code in HCM is a representation of the full finance chartfield string, represented by a 12 digit number.  The Combo Code is seen in FWL, not the chartfields behind it, so staff will want to become familiar with the Combo Code that represents budgets for their particular department.  A Query can be run in Campus Solutions to view the chartfield descriptions behind the code, or HR staff can use the Edit Chartfields link to view the accounting string behind the code.
  3. Select the Edit Chartfields link.
  4. The ChartField Common Component pagelet displays.
  5. Select the Return button to close the ChartField Common Component paglet.
Edit Chartfields link

Alert: The HCM Position Job Summary page operates in 'real time' meaning if a job is terminated, it will immediately disappear from the FWL HCM Data page.  Make sure ALL payroll processing for FWL is complete for the instructor BEFORE terminating the job in HCM.

  1. The process to understand the FWL Job Data pages is now complete.
  2. End of procedure.


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