HCM- Key Concepts WebEx Recording Access - FWL Dec 3, 2021

Use this link to access the FWL Canvas Course.  WebEx Recording in Additional Resources section


Kelly J Moore

I would like to view the WebEx recoding(s) from 12/3/21. Key Concepts (Pain Points) both the morning and afternoon sessions. I am the new FWL SME and was hired on 12/6. I understand viewing this recording may be useful to me. Thank you kindly.

Corinne Taylor

Hi Kelly!
If this is key in your work responsibilities, you must engage/complete the corresponding Canvas course. In Canvas, each section must be completed before you have the ability to proceed to the next session. The WebEx recordings/links will be found in the Additional Resources section of the Canvas course. Please contact your college SME or PM for security set up and access to the course.

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