CC.004.4 Repeat Checking (Project Archive)

User Acceptance Test Overview

The Repeat Checking process is used to update students' quarterly and cumulative statistics for those who have completed multiple attempts of the same course. The Repeat Checking process will automatically exclude the students' class enrollment attempts that have the lowest grade points from the quarterly and cumulative statistics. The Repeat Checking engine can be run in batch or for a single student.

The information below is intended to provide colleges guidance on performing a User Acceptance Test on this business process. The business process shown in the flow diagrams below may be only part of what is needed to complete an end-to-end test of a full business cycle. Coordination with other colleagues at your college in advance of commencing testing is key to success. In the same way that it doesn't take a single individual to operate the business of running a college it will require coordination across departments to successfully test a  business flow from beginning to end.

Self-Paced Training Materials (Advanced Prep)

To prepare yourself in advance for the richest testing experience below are required Canvas Courses. Successful course completion is a prerequisite to participate in all UAT activities.

  • SR 103 Enrollment Processes
  • SR 104 End of Term Processes

To register for these required courses visit the ctcLink Training Registration Page.

Additional Resources

Instructor-Led Training Materials and Recordings

Instructor-Led Training Materials

Training Session Recordings

Do NOT need to remove Repeat Exception:

DO need to remove Repeat Exception:

Minimum Test Case (Data) Scenarios:

  • Run the transcript for a student with unprocessed repeated class enrollments
  • Remove the REXP as a test step on some test students, you can run the query QCS_SR_REPEAT_COURSE to identify students with repeat courses where you can remove the REXP repeat code and remove the * missing grade for Fall term, then post a real fall grade and run the repeat process to review the coding.
  • Re-run the transcript for the student to verify that the cumulative and quarterly statistics were updated as expected

Previous Step in the High Level UAT Framework:

Next Step in the High Level UAT Framework:

Links to User Acceptance Test 'How To' Information:

Overview of User Acceptance Testing

Security Matrix Mapping Information

The information below provides those completing the Security Matrix Mapping templates with the Menus, Pages and Role names needed to execute the User Acceptance Testing relevant to  this UAT guide.

CC.004.4.1 Run the Batch Repeat Checking Process:

MENU: NavBar > Navigator > Records and Enrollment > Term Processing > End of Term Processing > Repeat Checking
ROLENAME: ZZ SR End of Term Processing

CC.004.4.2 Manually Adjust Repeat Code:

MENU: NavBar > Navigator > Records and Enrollment > Transcripts > Request Transcript Report
ROLENAME: ZZ SR Transcript Processing

CC.004.4.3 Request Transcript Report:

MENU: NavBar > Navigator > Records and Enrollment > Transcripts > Request Transcript Report
ROLENAME:  ZZ SR Transcript Processing

PDF Version of Flow Diagram for Printing


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