UAT FF.006 - Commitment Control [Sprint 1] (Project Archive)

User Acceptance Test Overview

The Commitment Control module enables you to control expenditures against predefined budgets. When you have financial obligations (such as a pre-encumbrance from a requisition, an encumbrance from a purchase order, or an actual expenditure from a voucher), you use the Budget Processor to check against the control budgets to ensure that sufficient budget amounts exist. The transactions that do not have sufficient budget amounts become exceptions. The exceptions may be errors or warnings.

Here we have two main Commitment Control business processes, the first FF.006.1 - Enter Budgets is where college staff create initial budgets.  The second Commitment Control business process is FF.006.2 - Review Budgets, where college staff review/maintain or inquire budget on day-to-day basis.

The budget checking is done on source transactions, such as Purchasing (Requisition/Purchase Order), Account Payable (Voucher), General Ledger (Journals) and Travel/Expense (Travel Authorization/Expense Report). The respective users creates transactions and budget checked in Commitment Control. Each budget has one of three different budgetary controls defined in Commitment Control: (1) track, (2) track with budget, and (3) control.

The high level flow business process diagram below shows the two steps of the Commitment Control process.  Follow the link to the first step to access the User Acceptance Test (UAT) Guide.  The guide will contain a business process flow diagram outlining the steps to complete the test activities and correlate to the Quick Reference Guide links that demonstrate how to execute each step.  Once complete, click the link to the next step in the high level flow to access the next UAT Guide.

High Level Business Process Flow Diagram (Tier 1)

Data Scenarios for End-to-End High Level Flow (Tier 1)

In planning to test the 'End-to-End' process for Commitment Control, please consider the relevant data scenarios that need to be tested as part of this process and include them in your test plan:

  • Enter initial expense budget (non-grant) for goods/services and track the budget
  • Enter initial expense budget (non-grant) for Travel and track the budget
  • Enter initial expense budget (non-grant) for Salary and track the budget

The FIRST step in the testing process for Commitment Control is:

FF.006.1 Enter Budget


Once you complete with Enter Budget business process, pass the budget Chartfield details to other tester within your college who can enter these Chartfields in source transactions like Requisition, Purchase Order, Voucher, GL Journals, Travel Expense report etc. for budget checking process.


PDF Version of Flow Diagram for Printing