UAT FF.003 - Travel and Expense thru GL [Sprint 1] (Project Archive)

User Acceptance Test Overview

The Travel and Expense module enables colleges to create Travel Authorizations and process Cash Advances before the travel event, as well as providing a mechanism for Expense Reporting after the travel has occurred. This high level flow (Tier 1) allows testers to start in 3 distinct places. Colleges can start at FF.003.1 - Create/Maintain Travel Authorization move on to FF.003.2 - Create/Maintain Expense Report and finish with FF.003.4 - Process/Maintain Payment or if authorization in advance is not needed a tester could start at FF.003.2 - Create/Maintain Expense Report, or FF.003.3 - Create/Maintain Cash Advance and continue following the flow diagram steps to completion.

Each step in this high level flow (Tier 1) is covered in a User Acceptance Test (UAT) Guide. Each guide contains a Tier 2 business process flow diagram outlining the steps needed to complete the test activities. Each step in the flow diagram correlates to one or more Quick Reference Guide [QRG] links that demonstrate how to execute each step. Once complete, click the link to the next step in the high level flow (Tier 1) to access the next UAT Guide.

In order for test to be performed there are certain prerequisites that must be completed, in most cases are already completed in preparation for User Acceptance Testing by the project functional analyst. In order to be authorized for travel, the traveler profile must be complete and valid for expenses. Complete this process following the QRG, Maintain Traveler Profile Organizational Data. Authorized users can be set up to create documents on a traveler’s behalf following this QRG, Administrator Add Authorized Expense Users.

The expense module works with the accounts payable module to process payments for cash advances and expense reports. Following staging payments, the travel administrator or accounts payable SME will need to run the Expenses pay cycle (EXxxxD) to create the payment (FF001.4.1) before continuing with the expenses processing tests.

The expense module workflows are created for each document type. The process is not linear and may require that the tests be run in a different order depending on the needs and requirements of the institution and their travel policies and procedures.

The information in this set of test materials is intended to provide colleges guidance on performing a User Acceptance Test on this business process. The business process shown in the flow diagrams below may be only part of what is needed to complete an end-to-end test of a full business cycle. Coordination with other colleagues at your college in advance of commencing testing is key to success. In the same way that it doesn't take a single individual to operate the business of running a college it will require coordination across departments to successfully test a business flow from beginning to end.

High Level Business Process Flow Diagram (Tier 1)

UAT FF.003 - Travel and Expense Flow Chart

High Level (Tier 1) Flow End-to-End Data Scenarios

The following 'End-to-End' data scenarios need to be tested as part of this process:

  • Create multiple Travel Authorizations, enough to approve, deny, cancel and delete.
  • Create Travel Authorizations that can be processed for a given budget and one that exceeds the allowable budget.
  • Create an Expense Report that is associated to a created Travel Authorization and an Expense Report that does not have a prior Travel Authorization.
  • Create an Expense Report that is associated to a Cash Advance and an Expense Report that did not have a Cash Advance.
  • Create multiple Expense Reports, enough to approve, deny, cancel and delete as a part of the testing process.
  • Create multiple Cash Advance Requests, enough to approve, deny, cancel and delete as a part of the testing process.

The FIRST Step (Tier 2) in the High Level UAT Framework:

Security Matrix Mapping Information

The information below provides those  completing the Security Matrix Mapping templates with the Menus, Pages  and Role names needed to execute the User Acceptance Testing relevant to  this UAT guide, which provides additional role recommendations to manage  prerequisites for testing Travel and Expenses.  

Maintain Traveler Profile Organization Data

MENU: NavBar > Navigator > Travel and Expenses > Manage Employee Information > Update Profile
ROLE NAME: ZZ Expenses User Admin              

Administrator Add Authorized Expense Users

MENU: NavBar > Navigator > Travel & Expenses > Manage Expenses Security > Authorize Expense Users
ROLE NAME: ZZ Expenses User Admin              


PDF Version of Flow Diagram for Printing