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UAT CF.005 - SF Tuition Calculation and Waivers to GL [Sprint 1] (Project Archive)

User Acceptance Test Overview

The tuition calculation process calculates and posts tuition fees, mandatory fees, course fees and class fees on to the student account, once the student is enrolled in classes.  These charges must be applied to the students account before a waiver will reduce the charges.  Waivers can be applied via the tuition calculation process, which depends on the criteria configured on the waiver, or manually by college staff.  The tuition calculation process will apply waivers if students are active in specific student groups or equation variables.

Here we have 4 main Tuition Calculation and Waivers processes, the first CF.005.1  Enrollment is where college staff or individual student enrolls into classes.  The second Tuition Calculation and Waivers process, CF.005.2  Tuition Calculation is where college staff calculates the tuition for an individual student.  The third Tuition Calculation and Waivers process, CF.005.3  Manage Waivers is where college staff can manually assign a waiver to a student or verify an active student group or equation variable to auto assign a waiver to a student.  The fourth Tuition Calculation and Waivers process, CF.005.4  SF Transactions to General Ledger is where a nightly schedules SBCTC job is run to send SF transactions over to Finance to record into the general ledger.

The information below is intended to provide colleges guidance on performing a User Acceptance Test on this business process. The business process shown in the flow diagrams below may be only part of what is needed to complete an end-to-end test of a full business cycle. Coordination with other colleagues at your college in advance of commencing testing is key to success. In the same way that it doesn't take a single individual to operate the business of running a college it will require coordination across departments to successfully test a business flow from beginning to end.

Data Scenarios for End-to-End High Level Flow (Tier 1)

The following 'End-to-End' data scenarios need to be tested as part of this process:

  • Manually Assign Student Waiver
    • Examples include; W04 (Dependent of Law Enforcement or Firefighter), W10 (Senior Audit), W23 (Refugee) or W51 (State Employee)
  • Assign waiver via Student Group
    • Examples include; W31 (must be active in SW29 student group), W70 (must be active in SW70 student group), or WRSFEE (must be active in student group SRSL; Running Start)
  • Assign wavier via Equation Variable
    • Examples include; W63 or W72


The FIRST step in the testing process for SF Tuition Calculation and Waivers to GL is:

PDF Version of Flow Diagram for Printing


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