UAT CF.009 - SF Third Party Contract [Sprint 2] (Project Archive)

User Acceptance Overview

The Third Party Contract process posts the sponsor payment against the appropriate student charge that is being covered and allows college staff to create and send invoices to sponsor.  Third Party Contracts are created or copied for each term and students are assigned to the specific contract by college staff one student at a time or via a batch process.  Once a student is assigned to a contract the outstanding charges are paid and transferred to the corporate account.  After the charges are on the corporate account college staff is then able to generate an invoice to send to the sponsor and process payment against the invoice when payment is received.

Here we have 4 main Third Party Contract processes, the first CF.009.1  Enrollment is where college staff or individual student enrolls into classes.  The second Tuition Calculation process, CF.009.2  Tuition Calculation is where college staff calculates the tuition for an individual student.  The third Third Party Contract process, CF.009.3  Manage Third Party Contracts is where college staff create a third party contract(s), manually assign or cancel students to/from a contract, generate and send a contract invoice and accept payment for the invoice.  The fourth Manage Third Party Contract process, CF.009.4  SF Transactions to General Ledger is where a nightly schedules SBCTC job is run to send SF transactions over to Finance to record into the general ledger.

The high level flow business process diagram below shows the four steps of the Third Party Contract process.  Follow the link to the first step to access the User Acceptance Test (UAT) Guide.  The guide will contain a business process flow diagram outlining the steps to complete the test activities and correlate to the Quick Reference Guide links that demonstrate how to execute each step.  Once complete, click the link to the next step in the high level flow to access the next UAT Guide.

Business Process Flow Diagram

Data Scenarios for End-to-End High Level Flow (Tier 1)

In planning to test the 'End-to-End' process for Third Party Contract, please consider the relevant data scenarios that need to be tested as part of this process and include them in your test plan:

  • Create third party contracts for various sponsors (external orgs)
    • Examples include; L & I, VA Chapter 31, DSHS, Boeing, etc.
  • Create contracts that cover various charges

Examples include; all term fees (tuition, mandatory, course & class fees), tuition only and specific portion of tuition (operating only)

The FIRST step in the testing process for Third Party Contract is:

CF.009.1 Enrollment

Pre-UAT Walk Through Presentation - Third Party Contract

PDF Version of Flow Diagram for Printing


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