Run Absence Balance Report

Purpose:  Use this document as a reference for how to run the absence balance report in ctcLink.

Audience:  Absence Administrators, Payroll Administrators.

You must have at least one of these local college managed security roles:

  • ZD Absence Mngmt Reporting

If you need assistance with the above security roles, please contact your local college supervisor or IT Admin to request role access.

Run Absence Balance Report

Navigation:  Global Payroll & Absence Mgmt > CTC Custom > CTC Reports > Absence Balance Report

  1. The Absence Balance Report run control search page displays.
  2. Enter an existing Run Control ID or select the Add a New Value tab to create a new one.
  3. Select the Search or Add button.
  4. The Absence Balance Report page displays.
  5. Enter the required Company identifier.
  6. Enter the EmplID to run the report for an individual employee.
    Leave blank to run the report for the whole Company.
  7. Create the Reporting Period.  
    Enter the required Starting Year and Period (1 - 12; Jan - Dec).
    Enter the required Ending Year and Period.
  8. Click the Run button.
Absence Balance Report
  1. The Process Scheduler Request page displays.
    The Absence Balance Report should default to selected (Select checkbox on) in the Process List section.
  2. Click the OK button.
  3. The Absence Balance Report page displays.
  4. Select the Process Monitor link.
  5. The Process Monitor page displays.
  6. Select the Refresh button until the process is Success/Posted.
  7. Select the Go Back to Absence Balance Report link.
Process Monitor for Absence Balance Report
  1. The Absence Balance Report page displays.
  2. Select the Report Manager link.
  3. The Report Manager page displays.
  4. In the List tab, select the name of the report (CTC_AMBAL_RD - Employee_Absence_Balances_process instance #.xlsx) that corresponds to your process instance.
List tab from report manager page
  1. The Report Index page displays.
  2. Once inside the report index, select the file with xlsx at the end.  
    It will give you the option to open or download depending on your internet browser settings.
Report Index page
  1. The Absence Balance Reporting Excel file opens.
Example of the Employee Absence Balances.xlsx report.
  1. Leave Type details for the Absence Balance Reporting:
Image of the Leave Type Details: Leave Type and Description.

The process to run the Absence Balance Report is now complete.


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