9.2 Program Project Billing

Purpose:  Use this document to bill manually outside of the Grants and Contracts module in ctcLink.

Audience:  Finance/Grant Fiscal Staff.

You must have at least one of these local college managed security roles:

  • ZZ Billing Entry
  • ZZ_AWE_BI_APPR_060
  • ZZ_AWE_BI_APPR_062
  • ZZ_AWE_BI_APPR_063
  • ZZ_AWE_BI_APPR_064

If you need assistance with the above security roles, please contact your local college supervisor or IT Admin to request role access.

  • Program Projects are not attached to a contract; therefore, billing must be done manually outside of the Grants and Contracts module.
  • Program Projects are created in the Project costing module and not in the Grants module.
  • Programs projects were created for those items that are in Fund 145 or 146 but are not originated from an awarded Grant.
  • For more information on how to create a "Program Project", please see the Creating a Project QRG.

Program Project Billing

Navigation: Billing > Maintain Bills > Standard Billing

  1. The Bill Entry search page displays.
  2. Select Add a New Value.
  3. Enter the appropriate fields (the more information entered in this page will flow through to the invoice Header and Lines pages).
    1. Enter the Business Unit.
    2. In the Invoice field, enter NEXT.
    3. Enter the Bill Identifier PC for Project Costing.
    4. Enter the Bill Source PROJECTS for Project Costing.  
    5. Enter the Customer.
    6. Enter the Invoice Date.
    7. Enter the Accounting Date.
  4. Select Add.

Help distinguish Billing items by using a Bill Type Identifier:

  • PC = Project Costing: prefix for Program Project Billing created in Project Costing Module.
  • CA = Customer Contracts: prefix for Grant Billing that originates from the Grants and Customer Contracts Module (CRC or FPC Billing).
  • GM = Grants Management: prefix for Conversion-type Grant billing from Legacy or to be able to identify a Grant Billing outside of the Grants/Contracts Module.
Bill Entry Add a New Value page
  1. The Header - Info 1 page displays.
  2. From the Navigation drop down, you can access different tabs.  Select Header Note.
Header Info 1 page
  1. The Header Note page displays.   Header notes pertain to the entire bill.  For notes that pertain to a single line on the bill, select 'Line - Note' from Navigation.
  2. Select Standard Note Flag or Internal Only Flag.
  3. Enter Note Text.
  4. Select Save to save your work and generate the Invoice Number.
  5. Select the 'Line - Info 1' tab page.
Header Note page
  1. The Line - Info 1 page displays.
  2. Enter Description.
  3. Enter Quantity.
  4. Enter Unit of Measure.
  5. Enter Unit Price.
  6. Enter Gross Extended.
  7. Enter From Date and the To Date.
  8. Select Save.
  9. Select the plus icon to add an additional line item.

Note that each billing line item will need to have the AR and Revenue Distribution completed.

Line Info 1 page
  1. Line item 2 of 2 will display.
  2. Enter the applicable criteria.
  3. Select Save.
  4. In Navigation, select 'Header - AR Distribution'.
  1. The AR Distribution page displays.  This is where you can check the AR distribution.
  2. In Navigation, select 'Acctg - Rev Distribution'.
AR Distribution page
  1. The Revenue Distribution page displays.  Please supply values for these fields for each Bill Line:
    1. Oper Unit
    2. Account
    3. Fund
    4. Dept
    5. Class
    6. State Purpose
    7. PC Business Unit
    8. Project
    9. Activity
  2. Select Save.
  3. Select the Header - Info 1 tab to navigate back to the Header page.
Revenue Distribution page
  1. The Header - Info 1 page displays.
  2. Select the Pro Forma Icon to review the draft invoice.
Header Info 1 page
  1. The Pro Forma opens up in a new window.
  2. Optional to download or print out the draft invoice.
  3. Close out the pdf and return to the Header - Info 1 page.
  1. The Header - Info 1 page displays.
  2. Select the Status of the Pro Forma to 'RDY' for Ready for the Invoice process or optional 'PND' for Pending Approval.
  3. Select Save.

For colleges utilizing the Approval process, select the Status to PND for Pending Approval and submit the invoice for standard approval process. Invoices must be in the RDY Status to be generated into a Finalized Invoice.

Depending upon your local college business processes, please see the following QRGs for the next step:


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