Overview of Financial Aid Dual Processing (Project Archive)

Purpose: This guide is intended to provide context and steps for executing the FAM Dual Processing test activities in the Parallel Test environment.

  • Dual Processing was created to allow Financial Aid users to finish their current Aid Year processing in the Legacy system after PeopleSoft go live.
  • This short-term solution allows users the ease of continuing Financial Aid processing without converting over live data.
  • Users will finish processing in Legacy while preparing for the upcoming Aid Year in the PeopleSoft system.
  • Minimize disruptions for day-to-day processing as we phase out Legacy and move entirely on PeopleSoft.

Overview of Parallel Testing Expectations

  • Dual Processing Parallel Testing does not allow for multiple testers/users (from same college) processing at the same time
    • That can cause following possible issues
      • Rewritten files
      • Inability to validate accurately
      • Axway connection picking incorrect file
  • Designate tester/testers per process
  • Mark the testing progress for each test case in the OTM (Oracle Test Manager), even if ‘In Progress’

Scope of Testing Activity

Following are the list of tests required to complete the Dual Processing Parallel Testing. These can also be accessed through your college’s respective OTM access:

Overview of the test cases:

  1. Outbound Extracts:
    1. Bio-Demo - Pulls all Bio-Demo data for the institution for the designated Start Term
    2. Student Enrollment - Pulls all Enrollment data for the institution for the designated Start Term
    3. Student Career Term/Quarterly Data - Pulls Career data for the institution for the designated Start Term
    4. Student Degree Data - Pulls student’s Degree data for the institution till the Term that is used for running the extract.
    5. AG995R – This job group loads the data contained in the PS files into the cloned PSSM, PSTRAN, and PSCA databases.This Legacy job is the last step to run only after all the above outbound processes have been run and their respective files have sent over by Axway to HPUX.
  2. Inbound Extract:
    1. Track Codes – This is the extract that updates a student’s PeopleSoft Checklist/Checklist Code from the Rollover/Renewal & Bankmobile track code data sent through Track code file by Legacy system.
  3. Other FA Processes:
    1. Disbursement – This is the process where the disbursements are calculated in FAM and then calculated values are sent over to PeopleSoft where they are finally posted to student’s account.
      1. This test requires the Student Financials Staff of respective college to be available for completing the testing as they will be responsible for running the Disbursements process(Final step of the testing) in PeopleSoft.
    2. Census Extract – This is the process to generate student census file in PeopleSoft that show enrollment levels for financial aid students.
    3. Student Work Payroll - The student Worker Payroll extract is a query designed to pull student data and work study earnings.  The report will be reviewed and utilized by the colleges to manually update work study awards in FAM
    4. Reconciliation – This allows users to generate a reconciliation report to check for any discrepancy between data loaded among the two systems i.e. Legacy and PeopleSoft.
    5. SAP – This process calculates the SAP of the Financial Aid students. The users will use the report generated at the end of the test case to manually update the SAP for these students in FAM.

Test Steps

The files below will help you get to the resources required to run each of the test case for Dual Processing:

Besides the testing scripts mentioned above, the Dual Processing Business Process Guide (or BPG) is a comprehensive document that explains (with screenshots) the steps for each of the test cases with additional info. You can download and follow the BPG for Dual Processing Testing (or as day-to-day reference) from ctcLink Reference Center here.

To use the BPG for testing, side-by-side with testing scripts, copy the Test Case name from the list above, Search for that name (Control + f key) in the BPG document and it will take you to that test case in the BPG document.

The links below will help you get to the resources required to run each of the test case for Dual Processing:

Timeline for Parallel Activities

  • Parallel Testing Kick Off Sessions (See below section)
    • Session 1 – Monday, November 15 (1 PM to 4 PM)
    • Session 2 – Tuesday, November 16 (1 PM to 4 PM)
  • Dual Processing Parallel Testing – November 15 to December 22


FA Testers involved in Dual Processing Parallel Testing will need following roles:


Even though FA Testers will be predominantly focused on page access for active processing PeopleSoft, there are a number of recommended roles that allow Financial Aid staff to view student related information in PeopleSoft that assist in accurate processing of Financial Aid during the interim period before they are fully utilizing Financial Aid strictly in PeopleSoft.  Those roles are outlined below:

  • ZD AD App Entry
  • ZD CC External System ID
  • ZD CC Personal Info Student
  • ZD CC Service Indicate Student (if not ZZ)
  • ZD CC Service Indicators (if not ZZ)
  • ZD CM Class Maintenance
  • ZD CM Class Roster
  • ZD CM Course and Class Inquiry
  • ZD CM Course Catalog
  • ZD CS Education Data
  • ZD CS Grade Processing
  • ZD CS Student Groups
  • ZD CS Test Processing
  • ZD SF Processing Inquiry
  • ZD SF Running Start
  • ZD SF Tuition and Fees
  • ZD SR High Lev Enroll Inquiry
  • ZD SR Student Program
  • ZD SR Term Activation

In addition to the page access roles for Financial Aid Dual Processing in PeopleSoft, the following Query roles are recommended to be applied to FA Dual Processing Users.  These roles can grant access to useful queries that can help to manage Financial Aid relevant data for students:

General Roles

  • ZZ_CC_QRY_RPT_TBL (for FAM Dual Processing)

Highly Sensitive Data Roles


Besides the FA Staff, there is a need for Student Financials staff, who are responsible for posting disbursements to student’s account to complete the Disbursement process, to engage in FA Dual Process testing activities. The role that Student Financials related staff would be required to have associated with their User Profile in PeopleSoft is as follows:

  • ZZ Financial Aid Disbursement
    • Access to manage the interface processing, Group Post, for FA Disbursements coming from FAM. This role is NOT for FA Staff

How to Get Help

Step #1 - Send To Line:

Ankur Rattan - ctcLink FA Technical Lead/Presenter
[email protected] 

Step #2 - Cc Line (include all contacts below):

Your College PM’s email

Stephanie Casino - ctcLink FA Functional Lead
[email protected] 

FA Dual Processing Parallel Testing Environment Link:

Access to the environment is not valid until the release date [11/15/2021] of the PLC environment.
Users attempting to access the environment early will receive errors on attempt.

PLC: https://pt-plc.peoplesoft-nonprod-aws.ctclink.sbctc.edu/ptplc/signon.html

OTM Link: https://oats.ctclink.sbctc.edu:8089/otm/logon.jsp?timedout=true

OTM Project: 1_DG6 Dual Processing

Parallel Testing Kick-Off Resources

The presentation of DG6 Parallel Testing Walkthrough for Dual Processing can be found on the Canvas Page .


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