FF.001.4 Payment (Project Archive)

User Acceptance Test Overview

A Payment is a physical check or an electronic fund transfer that is created as a result of a finalized, approved Voucher. It is a remittance of money to a Supplier and must also complete certain steps before the payment can be completed.

The information below is intended to provide colleges guidance on performing a User Acceptance Test on this business process. The business process shown in the flow diagrams below may be only part of what is needed to complete an end-to-end test of a full business cycle.

To use this UAT guide first review the business process flow diagram below, which outlines the various steps to complete the test activities.  Note that the business process flow diagram has distinct places where one can start testing this process, noted by a green 'Start' circle.  Use the diagram, following the arrows to each step that must be executed.  Use the Quick Reference Guide (QRGs) links, also below, to find the instructions on how to execute each step.  The Quick Reference Guides are numbered to match each box on the flow diagram to assistant testers with following the flow of the business process.  Once testing is complete for each box on the flow diagram, click the link in the Next Step (Tier 2) in the High Level UAT Framework section to access the next UAT Guide.

Business Process Flow Diagrams

To prepare yourself in advance for the richest testing experience below are required Canvas Courses. Successful course completion is a prerequisite to participate in all UAT activities.

  • AP100 Accounts Payable

To register for these required courses visit the ctcLink Training Registration Page.

Additional Resources

Instructor-Led Training Materials and Recordings

Instructor-Led Training Materials

Training Session Recordings

Background Configuration Information:

For information on the configuration behind what is seen in this step in the UAT flow process please refer to the following Quick Reference Guide(s):

Pay Cycle Status

Rejecting and Resetting a Pay Cycle

Accounts Payable Reports

•Minimum Test Case (Data) Scenarios:

  • FF.001.4.1 Processing a Pay Cycle
    • Paycycle Manager
  • FF.001.4.2 Perform Payment Post
    • Payment Post
  • FF.001.4.5 Review Payment Information
    • Review Payment Information
  • Paycycle Manager:
    • Error Condition: • Run paycycle manager with payment post not procesased for a specific voucher.
      • Expected Behavior: That voucher will not be part of the selected vouchers for payment.
  • Payment Post
    • Error Condition: • Run payment post for a specific voucher in Pending Approval status.
      • Expected Behavior: That voucher will not be part of the selected vouchers for payment post.
  • Review Payment Information:
    • Error Condition: • Leave all Search criteria fields blank then click Search.
      • Expected Behavior: The system will require at least one Search criteria before it will allow you to click on the Search button.

Previous Step (Tier 2) in the High Level UAT Framework:

Next Step (Tier 2) in the High Level UAT Framework:

Links to User Acceptance Test 'How To' Information:

Overview of User Acceptance Testing

Security Matrix Mapping Information

The information below provides those completing the Security Matrix Mapping templates with the Menus, Pages and Role names needed to execute the User Acceptance Testing relevant to  this UAT guide.

FF.001.4.1 Processing a Pay Cycle:

MENU: NavBar > Navigator > Accounts Payable > Payments > Pay Cycle Processing > Pay Cycle Manager
ROLENAME: ZZ Payment Creation

MENU: NavBar > Navigator > Accounts Payable > Payments > Pay Cycle Processing > Pay Cycle Manager > Trial Register

FF.001.4.2 Perform Payment Post:

MENU: NavBar > Navigator > Accounts Payable > Batch Processes > Payment > Payment Posting
ROLENAME: ZZ Payment Processing

FF.001.4.3 Perform Payment Reconciliation Process:

MENU: NavBar > Navigator > Banking > Reconcile Statements > Process Bank Reconciliation
ROLENAME: ZZ Treasury Bank Processing

FF.001.4.4 Search for Existing Payment/FF.001.4.5 Review Payment Information:

MENU: NavBar > Navigator > Accounts Payable > Review Accounts Payable Info > Payments > Payment
ROLENAME: ZD Accounts Payable Inquiry

PDF Version of Flow Diagram for Printing


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