Time and Labor Key Terms

Purpose: This document contains key terms used in the Time and Labor module in ctcLink.

Audience: Time and Labor Administrators.

Time and Labor Key Terms



Elapsed Time

The number of hours worked entered into the system, not including In and Out times. The person who enters time in this manner is called an Elapsed Time Reporter.


A condition that exists regarding reported time that requires review or attention.

Exception Time Reporter

Time reporters who are paid for the whole job, regardless of the amount of time or effort required to complete the work, and do not record hours of work on the time record. Exception Time Reporters only report leave time used during a pay period.

High Severity Exception

An exception that must be reviewed and resolved or allowed for a time reporter’s time to become payable time.

Positive Time Reporter

A time reporter who reports all time. Positive Time Reporters can report either punched or elapsed time.

Punch or Elapsed Time Template

Provides the appropriate template based on the time reporter type.

Punch Time

Specific In and Out times for the workday entered into the system. The system uses this information to calculate the number of hours worked. The person who enters time in this manner is called a Punch Time Reporter.

Rapid Time Entry page

This page allows time to be entered quickly for multiple time reporters. No online edits or rules are applied during data entry, so that you can enter data at top speed.

Run Control ID

An identifier that, when paired with a User ID, uniquely identifies the process running. The Run Control ID defines parameters that are used when a process is run. This ensures that when a process runs in the background, the system does not prompt you for additional values.

Schedule Group

Used to group employees with like schedules.

Time Administration Process

The batch process in Time Administration covers reported and scheduled time into payable time. It executes the rules, selects time reporters for processing, combines time reporters into batches, determines the period to process, and calculates prior period adjustments before passing time reporter data to Payroll. The Time Administration Process is scheduled to run nightly, The Time and Labor Administrator can also run it ad hoc.

Time Reporter

Any employee whose time is reported through Time and Labor. Employees and non-employees do not automatically participate in the Time and Labor system when added to the Human Resources database. Each person required to report or create time must be enrolled as a time reporter.




Time Reporter Group / Dynamic Groups

A combination of like employees into one group for time reporting.

Time Reporter Type

Identifies how the time reporter will enter time, either Elapsed or Punch (in and out time).

Timesheet Lockdown

Timesheet lockdown is done at the paygroup level. Only the Time Administrator can access the Timesheet Lockdown page. Locked timesheets display a message at the top of the timesheet indicating why the timesheet is display only. The Time Administrator role also retains the ability to access timesheets that are locked through the Manager Self Service pages to deal with exceptions.

Work Schedule

Provides a way to communicate and manage workforce attendance expectations. They also enable the absence process to determine when a payee's absence falls on a scheduled work day.


Identifies the default TRC program, rule program, holiday schedule, time reporting period, and other information the system uses when processing reported time for the time reporter.

Selection of the proper workgroup is important, as it controls the Time Reporting Code (TRC) program, rule programs, holiday schedules, etc. Examples of workgroups include:


Classified - Represented

Classified - Non-Represented





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