9.2 View Unprocessed Payable Time

Purpose:  Use this document to view unprocessed payable time for employees in ctcLink.

Audience:  Time and Labor Administrators.

View Unprocessed Payable Time

Navigation:  NavBar > Navigator > Time and Labor > View Time > Unprocessed Payable Time

  1. The Unprocessed Payable Time search page displays.
  2. In Employee ID field, enter valid value or use lookup tool (magnifying glass).
    • If no value is entered in the lookups then all applicable employees will be returned.
  3. Select Get Employees.
    • The system limits the retrieval to one month at the time as a general performance measure in case of large data volumes. To retrieve earlier entries modify dates in Filtering Options.
    • If there is no Unprocessed Payable Time, no results will return.
  4. Filtering Options
    • Start Date and End Date can only retrieve 1 month at a time.
    • Payroll System will always be Payroll for North America.
Unprocessed payable time filtering and search options
  1. The Search Results display.
  2. Selecting the Last Name link will reveal Payable Time Details.
  3. Approval Status (Needs Approval, Pushed Back, Approved), and Payroll Status (Sent, Rejected) are displayed when relevant.
    • Taken by Payroll is not used in ctcLink as that only applies to Global Payroll.
Search results
  1. The Payable Time Details page displays.
  2. Review and select Return to Select Employee link to select another employee if applicable.
Payable time details
  1. The process to view unprocessed payable time is now complete.
  2. End of procedure.


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