9.2 MSS Manager Search Options (Fluid)

Purpose:  Use the Manager Search Options page to set up preferences and display options for viewing employees in ctcLink.

Audience:  Time and Labor Managers.

Manager Self Service Manager Search Options

Navigation:  Manager Self Service (homepage) > CTC Team Tile (tile) > Manager Search Options

MSS CTC Team Time tile selection
  1. The Team Time page displays.
  2. Select the Manager Search options heading on the sidebar.
  3. Various criteria can be altered here to suit the manager, as these are personalized options for “Get Employees” enabled screens.
  4. Loading Matching Employees
    • Results can auto-populate without selecting a button to return results.
  5. Default Criteria Presentation
    • The selection criteria box can start out either expanded or collapsed.  It comes default expanded.
  6. Employee Selection Criteria
    • For every value with an enabled drop down, customizations to the view can be made
  7. Do not remove Empl ID or Empl Record, as these values are generally considered very important to the display.
  8. Data Loading in Time Management.
    • Changing these values is not recommended.
  9. Once all changes desired have been entered, select the Save button.
Manager Search Options page
  1. The process to set up manager search options is now complete.
  2. End of procedure.


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