9.2 Update TA Status and ECD

Purpose:  To update the Time Administration status and Earliest Change Date in ctcLink.

Audience:  Time and Labor Administrator.

Update TA Status and ECD

Navigation:  NavBar > Navigator > Time and Labor > Process Time > Update TA Status and ECD

  1. The Update TA Status and ECD search page displays.
  2. On the search page, enter the desired information into the Employee ID field.
  3. Select the Get Employees button.  
Update TA Status and ECD search page
  1. There may be multiple Employee Records for the same EMPL ID.  
  2. From the search results, locate the desired EMPL ID/EMPL RCD combination in the Time Reporters section.
  3. The Earliest Change Date (ECD) and TA Status are used by the Time Administration process to determine if an employee is up for processing or not.  
  4. The ECD determines the date from which to process; select an ECD of the 1st or the 16th of a specific month.
  5. The TA Status determines if the employee is:
    1. Up for Processing
    2. Not Up for Processing
    3. In Process
  6. Select the TA Status for the employee.
  7. Select the Save button.
Time Reporters section
  1. The process to Update the TA status and the ECD are now complete.
  2. End of procedure.


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