Overview of a Grant

A Grant for CtcLink is defined as funding received from one source outside the college, that has a specific budget, has a prescribed start and end date, requires a way to collect the funds (Invoice) at a given time, and reports its expenses and cash received to the sponsoring agency.

Once a proposal has been funded and the award is negotiated and accepted, an award record needs to be generated in PeopleSoft (PS) by creating a Proposal and then generating an Award into Grants and Contracts. The award will contain one or more projects, depending on the nature of the award, to record expenditures. To ensure proper billing and accounts receivable activity, the award and its associated projects, must be activated in the Contracts module.

To enter information into the system, the College will use the agency award letter and back up documentation. Each college may require different documentation to create the Grant/Contract. Getting familiar with the vital information for setting up the award prior to entering information into the system will cut down on possible mistakes in entering information.

You must have at least one of these local college managed security roles:

  • <see below for each navigation path's roles>

If you need assistance with the above security roles, please contact your local college supervisor or IT Admin to request role access.

Proposal and Award Steps & Navigation

  • Creating a Grant Proposal
    • Navigation: Grants > Proposals > Maintain Proposal
    • Roles: ZZ Proposal Processing
  • Establishing the Grant Proposal Budget
    • Navigation: Grants > Proposals > Enter Proposal Budget Detail
    • Roles: ZZ Proposal Processing
  • Submitting a Grant Proposal
    • Navigation: Grants > Proposals > Submit Proposal
    • Roles: ZZ Proposal Processing
  • Generating a Grant Award
    • Navigation: Grants > Proposals > Generate Award
    • Roles: ZC Awards Processing, ZZ Awards Processing
  • Finalize/Establishing a Grant Award Budget
    • Navigation: Grants > Awards > Project Budgets
    • Roles: ZC Awards Processing, ZZ Awards Processing
  • Activating a Grant Contract Award
    • Navigation: Customer Contracts > Create and Amend > Define Contract General Info
    • Roles: ZC Contracts Processing, ZZ Contract Maintenance, ZZ Contract Processing


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