Using Grants WorkCenter

Purpose:   Use this document to get a basic understanding of the Grants WorkCenter in ctcLink.

Audience:  Grants Admin/Finance Staff.

You must have at least one of these local college managed security roles:

  • ZZ Grants Manager
  • ZZ Grants Processing

If you need assistance with the above security roles, please contact your local college supervisor or IT Admin to request role access.

The Grants WorkCenter is a role-based central navigational component that is designed to help users of the Grants and Contracts application organize and streamline their workload. It provides a single place to perform a broad range of tasks without leaving the WorkCenter, such as proposal creation, award maintenance, process exception alerts, and/or reconciliation and reporting, resulting in improved efficiency, productivity, and effectiveness. The WorkCenter is a global configuration that can be tailored to individual requirements. It will be delivered with the most common tasks and links that are applicable to most users.

A WorkCenter is divided into a Task area and a Work area.  You click on a link to perform the Task in the Work area, without ever leaving the WorkCenter.  When you are finished with a Task, you can quickly select the next one, and open it in the Work area.  This functionality improves efficiency and effectiveness, and reduces the need to keep navigating through the menu structure to perform your job duties.

The WorkCenter is composed of the following pagelets.  Each pagelet is discussed in this Quick Reference Guide.

The pagelets are:

  • My Work pagelet - Access to your most commonly-performed tasks, including exceptions and alerts for items requiring your attention.
  • Links pagelet - Access your most commonly-used pages.  This pagelet is similar to the Favorites menu, but more user-friendly.
  • Queries pagelet - Access Query Manager, public queries, private queries, and pivot grids.
  • Reports and Processes pagelet - Access reports and processes that you use most often.

Using the Grants WorkCenter

Navigation: Grants > Grants WorkCenter

The Grants WorkCenter welcome page displays.

Navigational hints:

  1. Two side arrows - select to expand/collapse the Task Panel.
  2. Refresh icon - select to refresh the page to see changes.
  3. Ellipsis or 3 vertical dots - personalize icon.
  4. Ten horizontal dots - select and drag up or down to view Task Panel areas.
Welcome to Grants WorkCenter
Using the My Work Pagelet

The My Work pagelet will be pre-configured with many links that can assist users in performing day-to-day Grants Fiscal Staff duties.  It will show the statuses and counts for plans or events in error and notification of pending processes.  Selecting a link will open a Work area pagelet where actions can be taken, such as viewing Invoices Not Finalized or Invoices Not Generated to AR or GL, etc.  

Users cannot add links to the My Work pagelet, only modify the display options.

  1. The My Work pagelet includes links to pages that you may want to access frequently. It includes links divided into these collapsible sections:
    1. Pre Process Exceptions
    2. Process Exceptions
    3. AR Action Items
    4. AR Exceptions
  2. After you expand each section, you may need to resize your window. You can drag the dotted handle to resize the pagelet, when needed.
  3. Select the arrowhead next to the words Current Work to expand the section. This is your collapse and expand button.
Viewing Process Exceptions
Personalizing the My Works Pagelet

Once the Edit Filters have been activated, optional to personalize how the My Work section appears.

  1. On the Main tab, select the three dot icon and select Personalize.
Select personalize
  1. The Define User My Work Links page displays.
  2. On this page, you can indicate the display order, if you want the groups collapsed or expanded, if the count or link should display, or if the link should open on the Grants WorkCenter starting page.

Field Descriptions on the Personalization Page. Please note some Link Label fields are ctcLink system defaults or possibly 'grayed out'. Optional to deselect 'Show Link' to hide selection on unnecessary Links.

Field Descriptions of the Personalization Page
  1. Select Save to save any changes and close out the window to return to the main Grants WorkCenter page. Note: 4 pages are available for personalization.
Define User My Work Links
Queries Pagelet

The Queries section enables you to add favorite or commonly used Queries to your Grants WorkCenter.

  1. Select the Reports/Queries tab to view the Queries section.
  2. Select the ellipsis or vertical three dots and then select Personalize.
  3. The Define User Query Links window displays.
  4. Enter your personal Group Label name.
  5. Available customization:
    • Enter or use the lookup tool to add Query Name. Select the plus icon [+] to add additional Queries.
    • Optional reorder the Link List 'Display Order'.
    • Select or Deselect the 'Show Link' boxes.
    • Select or Deselect 'Start Group Collapsed'.
    • To create your own Queries Link Group select the Plus icon.
Define User Query Links
  1. Optional to select the Override Title/Description checkbox and customize your description.
  2. Optional configure the display order (if the second query should display before the first, then give the second query a Display Order value lower than the first query), the show link, and starting page options.
  3. Select the Save button to save changes.
Override Title example page
  1. A message will display to refresh the pagelet to see your changes. Select the OK button.
  2. Close out the Personalization page by selecting the 'x' in the upper right hand corner to return to the Grants WorkCenter.
Save and closeout the Personalization page

Refresh the pagelet to see your changes.  The added Query Group and new queries will then be available.

New queries added page
Reports/Processes Pagelet

The Reports/Processes section includes access to frequently used reports and processes. The links in this section take you directly to the Run Control page for common reports or processes. Predefined default Reports/Processes displays.

Note: Some of the WorkCenter Links and/or functionality is not setup within ctcLink. Optional to select the Link Group checkbox 'Start Group Collapsed', hide the unused Links by deselecting the 'Show Link' box, and/or reorder them to list the most used Links towards top and less used towards the bottom of the page.

By selecting one of the selections from the task panel, the report/process opens up in the transaction area.

Similar to the steps how to Customize the Queries Pagelet, optional to Personalize the Report/Processes section on your WorkCenter by creating your own Reporting Group. Select the ellipsis or vertical three dots and then select Personalize. Available customization:

  • To create your own Reports/Process Link Group select the Plus icon.
  • Enter or use the lookup tool to add Report Name. Select the plus icon [+] to add additional Reports.
  • Optional reorder the Link List 'Display Order'.
  • Select or Deselect the 'Show Link' boxes.
  • Select or Deselect 'Start Group Collapsed'.
Reports/Processes page example

Process complete.

Video Tutorial

The video below demonstrates the process actions described in the steps listed above. This video includes audio and closed captioning.  Select the play button to start the video.

Video Tutorial Via Panopto

View the external link to access the Customizing the Grants WorkCenter training session. This link will open in a new tab/window.


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