Running the DRS Redistribution

Purpose: Use this document as a reference for how to run the DRS Redistibution in ctcLink

Audience: Benefits Administrator

Running the DRS Redistribution

NOTE: About two days after the Data Load from Payroll is run, the Redistribution needs to be run.  This needs to be run after each payroll confirm and after the DRS Data Laod from Payroll has been completed.

Navigation: Main Menu>Benefits>CTC Custom>CTC Processes>DRS Redistribution

  1. Enter the Run Control ID or create a new one if needed.
  2. Enter Company or select from the Search icon.
  3. Enter Pay Period End Date or select from the Search icon.
  4. Select Run.
DRS Redistibution page Run button
  1. Once the process has completed with the Success status, go to the DRS Transaction page to see the redistributions that were created for individual employees.  The colleges can make adjsutments on this page.
  2. Navigation: Menu>Benefits>CTC Custom>DRS Transaction
  3. Send email to [email protected] to let them know that the DRS Data Load from Payroll and the DRS Redistribution process have been completed and information is ready to be sent to DRS.
DRS Transaction page


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