Running the NSC Degree Verify File

Purpose:  Steps on how to run the NSC Degree Verify file.  The ctcLink NSC Degree Verify file is a BI Publisher report.

Audience:  Advising/Student Services/Campus Solutions

Navigation:  Reporting Tools > BI Publisher > Query Report Scheduler

Hint:  Add to Favorites

  1. Select Add a New Value and enter name for your Run Control.  Select the Add button.

A new Run Control should be created each term, however once a Run Control is created, you can reuse an existing Run Control for a given Institution/Term.

  1. For Data Source Type, choose "Connected Query".
  2. For Report Name, look up or enter "CTC_NSC_DEG1".
  3. A prompt window displays.  Enter Institution and Completion Term. Select the OK button.
  4. Select Save.  Select Run.
  5. Select OK.  Select the Process Monitor link.
  6. The Process List page displays.  Select Refresh periodically until Run Status = "Success" and Distribution Status = "Posted".
  7. Select Go Back to Query Report Scheduler.
  8. Select the Report Manager link.
  9. The List tab displays.  Select the .txt link.
  10. The Report Index page displays.  Select the .txt link.
  11. The file displays in a new window.
  12. Save and submit the file to the Clearinghouse.

Process complete.


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