Running a Department Report

Purpose:Use this document as a reference for Running a Department Report in ctcLink

Audience: Financial Staff

Running Department Report

The department report is printed from a report page that can run any chartfield.

Navigation: Main Menu > Set up Financials/Supply Chain > Common Definitions> Design Chartfields> Reports> Chartfield Reports

1.Click on Department.

ChartField Reports

2. Enter a Run Control ID.

Find an Existing Value tab

3. Click Run.

 Run button

4. Click OK.

Process Scheduler Request

5. Go to Process Monitor to verify the processing of report.

Process Monitor link

6. When the process monitor has Success in the Run Status and Posted in the Distribution Status, it is ready for viewing.

7. To view report, click on Go Back to Department.

Process List tab

8. Click on Report Manager.

Report Manager link

9. Click on Administration tab.

10. Click on the PDF report listed in Reports.

Administration tab

11.Example of report.

Example of report


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