9.2 Enrollment Requirement Groups (Fluid)

Purpose:  Use this document as a reference for creating enrollment requirement groups via Fluid navigation in ctcLink.

Audience:  Student Services staff.

Enrollment Requirement Groups

Navigation:  ctcLInk CS Staff Homepage

  1. Select the Curriculum Management tile.
  2. The Curriculum Management page displays.
  3. The Course Catalog menu is expanded on the left.
  4. Select the Enrollment Requirements drop-down icon.
  5. The Enrollment Requirements sub-menu expands.
  6. Select the Enrollment Requirements Groups menu list item, located on the left side of screen.
  7. The Enrollment Requirement Groups search page displays.
  8. Select the Add a New Value tab.
  9. The Add a New Value page displays.
  10. Allow Requirement Group to default to "000000".  ctcLink assigns a unique, permanent identifier after you create and save your new Enrollment Requirement Group.
  11. The Course Requisite tab displays.
  12. Enter Effective Date = "01/01/1901".  The effective date must be equal to or less than the effective date of the course to which this course requisite is attached. This value is automatically assigned the current system date but should be changed as necessary.
  13. Enter Status = "Active".
  14. Enter/Select the desired data in the following fields:
    1. Description
    2. Short Description
    3. Long Description
    4. Report Description
    5. Report Long Description
    6. Academic Institution
  15. Select the Requisite Detail tab.
Course Requisite tab

Please be diligent and always confirm that you are working with your institution's data.

  1. The Requisite Detail tab displays.
  2. Enter Group Line Type = "Course".
  3. Select the Add a New Row [+] icon to add any additional prerequisite courses.
  4. Enter/Select the desired data in the following fields:
    • Report Description
    • Report Long Description
    • Requisite Type
    • Course ID
    • Include Equivalent Courses
  5. Select the Requisite Detail Parameters tab.
Requisite Detail tab
  1. The Requisite Detail Parameters tab displays.
  2. Enter/Select the desired data in the following fields:
    • Minimum Units
    • Courses
    • Grade Points fields
  3. Select Save.  Note the Requirement Group number is assigned.
  1. Navigation:  ctcLink CS Staff Homepage > Curriculum Management Tile > Course Catalog > Course Catalog > Offerings
  2. The Offerings tab displays.
  3. Select Correct History to update the current effective dated row for the catalog offering.
  4. Enter Requirement Group = <the Requirement Group you just created>.
  5. Select Save.
Offerings tab

Process complete.

Video Tutorial

The video below demonstrates the process actions described in the steps listed above. There is no audio included with this video. Select the play button to start the video.


Video Tutorial via Panopto

View the external link to Enrollment Requirement Groups (Fluid). This link will open in a new tab/window.


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