Course Roll (Fluid)

Purpose: Use this document as a reference for how to use course roll in ctcLink Fluid, using the Curriculum Management section of the CS Staff Homepage.

Audience: Student Services staff.

Course Roll

Navigation: ctcLink CS Staff Homepage > Curriculum Management Tile

  1. The Curriculum Management page displays.
  2. The Course Catalog menu is expanded.
  3. Select the Course Roll sub-menu list item.
  4. The Course Roll page displays to the right.
  5. Enter/Select the desired data in the following fields:
    • Academic Institution
    • Term
    • Subject Area
    • Catalog Nbr
  6. Select the Search button.
  7. The Course Roll page displays.
  8. Use the Course Roll page to synchronize scheduled class sections with the latest course catalog information after changes occur.
  9. Compare the course catalog information on the top of the page with the Institution, Career, Term, Session, Academic Group, Class Nbr, Subject, Catalog, Section, and Description (course title) values for the scheduled class sections listed in the Class Sections grid.
  10. If these values are different, select the Course Roll button.
  11. If the displayed changes are correct, select Save. If the changes should not be made, select Return to Search and do not save.

Process complete.


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