9.2 MSS Request Absence (Fluid)

Purpose: Use this document as a reference for request absences for employees in ctcLink.

Audience:  Managers.

Manager Self Service Absence Request

Navigation:  Manager Self Service (Homepage) > Team Time (tile)

Manager Self Service tiles, Team Time tile selection
  1. The Team Time homepage displays.
  2. Select the Request Absence heading on the side bar.
  3. Select the employee from the employee list.
Request Absence page
  1. Select Absence Name from the drop-down menu.
  2. (Optional) Select Absence Reason.
    • NOTE: If the Absence has to do with FMLA, the Absence Reason is required.
  3. Select a Start Date.
  4. Select an End Date.
  5. Based on the Start and End Date, the Duration will dynamically generate.
  6. If the Absence is not for a full day, select Partial Days.
    • NOTE: PTF will always need to have Partial Day absences.
    • None: no part of the absence is a partial day.
    • End Day Only: the last day of the absence is a partial day.
    • Start Day Only: the first day of the absence is a partial day.
    • Start and End Days: both the start and the end days of the absence are partial days.
    • All Days: every day of the absence is a partial day.
  7. If Partial Days is chosen the user must indicate:
    • Is the End Day a Half Day?  (Yes or No).
    • If the answer is no, then how many hours is the partial day absence for? (Duration in hours).
  8. (Optional) Comments are available to be entered (NOTE: these cannot be deleted from the system and are considered public records).
  9. Select from the workflow drop down to submit as Employee or Manager as per your college’s policy.
  10. Select the Submit button.
  11. A confirmation message displays.
  12. Select the Yes button.
Request Absence details submit button
  1. The process to submit an absence request is now complete.
  2. End of procedure.