9.2 MSS Compensatory Time - Leave Balances (Fluid)

Purpose:  Use this document as a reference for viewing employees’ Compensatory Time in ctcLink.

Audience:  Managers, Time Administrators.

Manager Self Service Compensatory Time - Leave Balances

Navigation: Manager Self Service (homepage) > Team Time (tile) > Leave Balances

Manager Self Service tiles, Team Time tile selection
  1. The Team Time page displays.
  2. Select the Leave Balances heading on the left side.
  3. The Leave Balances search page displays.
  4. Select Get Employees to return all direct reports, or use the Filter button to select a specific employee.
    • NOTE: If a Time Admin selects Get Employees it will return all time reporters in a college.
Leave balances page with Get Employees button
  1. The Leave Balances page display.
  2. Select the Name/Title of the employee.
    • NOTE: While the tile says “Leave Balances” this in actuality only represents Compensatory Time balances.  Other leave related balances used to report absences can be found in the Absence Balances menu.
  3. The Compensatory Time Plan that the employee is associated with will display, along with the current available balance of accrued comp time.
  4. Selecting the (>) or the row itself will direct the manager to an additional detail page.
Leave Balances Summary (in hours) section
  1. The Leave Balance Details section displays.
  2. This displays the history of comp time usage for the employee.
Leave Balances page
  1. The process to review employee compensatory (leave) balance is now complete.
  2. End of procedure.