Manager Self-Service Tile Overview

Purpose:  Use this document to review actions available in the Manager Self-Service Tiles.

Audience:  Managers/Supervisors

PLEASE NOTE:  Dependent on the security roles assigned to you, some tiles may not be available to you.  Questions?  Contact your college Security Team.

Recruiting Activities Tile

  • Search applicants
  • Create job openings
  • Review applicant lists
  • Review interview calendar
  • Review saved searches
Recruiting Activites Fluid Tile

Approvals Tile

  • Review pending approvals
Approals Fluid Tile

Delegations Tile

  • Create a delegation request
  • Review My Delegates
  • Review My Delegated Authorities
Delegations Fluid Tile

My Team Tile

  • View your list of employees
  • Review compensation for employees
  • Review leave balances for employees
My Team Fluid Tile

Team Time Tile

  • Timesheets
  • Report time
  • Payable time
  • Leave/Comp time
  • Request absence
  • Cancel absences
  • View requests
  • Absence balances
  • Manage exceptions
Team Time Fluid Tile

Team Profiles Tile

  • Search and compare profiles
  • Team talent profiles
  • Maintain job profiles
  • Team interest list
Team Profiles Fluid Tile

Open Jobs Tile

  • Review current job openings
Open Jobs Fluid Tile

CTC Team Tile

  • Review timesheets
  • Approve timesheets
  • Review comp time
  • Review overtime requests
  • Create work schedules for employees
CTC Team Fluid Tile