9.2 Viewing Overtime Requests

Purpose:  Use this document to review, add, update, and delete (where appropriate) Time and Labor information for their direct reports.

Audience:  Managers/HR Admin.

Viewing Overtime Requests

Navigation:  NavBar > Navigator > Manager Self Service > Time Management > View Time > Overtime Requests

  1. The View Overtime Requests search page displays.
  2. In Employee ID field, enter valid value or use lookup tool (magnifying glass).
  3. Select Get Employees.
  4. Select the Last Name hyperlink.
Employee selection criteria screen
  1. The View Overtime Requests page displays.
  2. Select the Month list. Enter valid value(s).
  3. Select the View All Requests option.
  4. Select View Requests button.
overtime requests screen
  1. You have successfully viewed overtime requests.
  2. Process complete.