9.2 Batch Update a Checklist

Purpose: Use this document as a reference on how to update a checklist in batch.

Audience: Campus Communication staff.

You must have at least one of these local college managed security roles:

  • ZC CC 3Cs Config
  • ZC FA Local Configuration
  • ZD CC 3Cs Config
  • ZD FA Local Configuration
  • ZZ CC 3Cs Config

If you need assistance with the above security roles, please contact your local college supervisor or IT Admin to request role access.

 A checklist is a list of items needed to be acted upon when assigned to a person. For example, checklist items might include steps for submitting residency documents or applying for graduation. 

Create an Event ID

3C Events tell the 3C Engine what it should do when it runs. 3C Events are used to identify which 3C Engine should assign 3C item(s) and connect multiple 3C items to be assigned simultaneously. For checklists, 3C Events can be used to batch assign checklists (either alone or with other 3C items) or update the status of a previously assigned checklist. For more information on 3C Events, visit the following QRGs:

Navigation:  NavBar > Navigator > Campus Community > 3C Engine > Set Up 3C Engine > Event Definition

  1. The Event Definition search page displays.
  2. Select the Add a New Value tab.
  3. Create an Event ID following the 3C Naming Convention.
  4. Select Add.
Event Definition page displays
  1. Event Definition page displays.
  2. Change the Effective Date to 01/01/1901.
  3. Enter a Description.
  4. Enter a Short Description.
  5. Select the appropriate Function.
  6. Status defaults to Active.
Event definition page displays
  1. Enter or look up the Checklist Code you would like to update.
  2. Select the Update Status checkbox.
  3. From the Item Status drop-down list, choose Completed.
  4. Select the [+] plus icon to add a row. Note: You can simultaneously update more than one item code and checklist at a time. 
  5. Select Save.
Enter Checklist Code information
  1. Process complete.
Event 3C Groups

The new Event ID must be assigned to an Event 3C Group.

Navigation: NavBar  Navigator  Campus Community  3C Engine  Set Up 3C Engine  Event 3C Groups

  1. The Event 3C Groups search page displays.
  2. Enter Academic Institution.
  3. Enter the Administrative Function used when creating the event definition.
  4. Select Search.
Event 3C Groups
  1. Select the Event ID created in the section above.
Choose the created Event ID
  1. Enter or look up the appropriate 3C Update/Inquiry Group.
Select the appropriate 3C Group
  1. Select Save.
Click Save
  1. Process complete.
Run 3C Engine

You must have at least one of these local college managed security roles:

  • ZC CC 3Cs User
  • ZZ CC 3Cs User

If you need assistance with the above security roles, please contact your local college supervisor or IT Admin to request role access.

Navigation:  NavBar > Navigator > Campus Community > 3C Engine > Run 3C Engine

  1. The 3C Engine Run Control ID search page displays.
  2. Enter an existing Run Control ID or select the Add a New Value tab and create a new Run Control ID.
Add a new Run Control ID
  1. Select Population Selection.
  2. Enter or look up the Academic Institution.
  3. Enter or look up the Administrative Function.
  4. Enter or look up the Event ID. Note: Once the Event ID populates, the Checklist Code(s) will appear in the Checklist Code panel. 
Choose Population Selection

Population Selection panel:

  1. Selection Tool: Select PS Query or External file.

PS Query

  • Query Name, find the corresponding query for your desired checklist item.
  • Colleges may request additional population selection queries for their local business process.
  • Select the Edit Prompts link (to the right of the Selection Tool field) to populate fields with the appropriate information. 
  • Select Preview Selection Results.
  • Select Return. 

External File

  • External File.  Upload a Microsoft Excel file in the .csv format with the required columns.  
  • Required Columns: ID, Academic Career, Term, Institution
  • Select the Upload File button.
  • Create File Mapping.  After the Excel .csv file is uploaded, use the lookup tool to enter a File Mapping value (if you have already created a file mapping for Batch Update a Checklist) or use the Create File Mapping link to create a new option.
  • Select Preview Selection Results.
  • Select Return.
To view uploaded file, select Preview Selection Results
  1. At the Manage Duplicate Assignment tab, in the Duplicate Checklist Check group box, select the Check Duplicate Assignment checkbox.  This step ensures that you are not duplicate-assigning this checklist.
  2. Select Match from the drop-down list in the Variable Data row in the Additional Conditions to Prevent Duplicate Checklist group box.  This step tells the system to check for any checklists assigned to a group of students who already have the checklist assigned.
  3. Select Completed from the Checklist Status drop-down list.
  4. Select the Run button.
Select Check Duplicate Checklist
  1. At the Process Scheduler Request page, select the OK button.
Click OK on the Process Scheduler Request page
  1. At the 3C Engine page, note your Process Instance number and use it to track this job's run status on the Process List page.
  2. Select the Process Monitor link and the Process Monitor page displays.
on the Manage Duplicate Assignment page, select Process Monitor
  1. At the Process List page, ensure the Run Status runs to Success, and the Distribution Status runs to Posted.  You may select the Refresh button until the status is SuccessPosted.
Click Refresh until success and posted
  1. Navigate to Checklist Management (Navigation:  NavBar > Navigator > Campus Community > Checklists > Person Checklists > Checklist Management-Person) to verify student's Completed status.
Verify student's completed checklist status
  1. Process complete.


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